Meet Our Majors

Want to know more about some of our English majors or about what English majors do at Niagara University? Here are interviews with two current English majors conducted by students in Dr. Carr's Methods of Literary Studies course.

Cory Eberwein

interviewed by Claire Hull

Cory Eberwein is a senior English major from North Tonawanda, NY.  He is a nontraditional student who came to Niagara University after serving in the military.  

He sees this as affecting his experience because he is older than many students and has a family.  Cory says that this makes him more focused and serious about school, and he is driven to get the most out of his education.  

Cory’s favorite author is Charles Bukowski because he enjoys his “unfiltered nonfiction.”  His favorite character from literature is Atticus Finch, as he sees him as epitomizing a moral standard for society.  

After graduating, Cory has considered looking into careers such as editing.

Outside of class, Cory is the treasurer for the Student Veteran Organization.  He runs, writes, and spends time with his family.  His writing is about his experience with the military, including elements of fiction as well as non-fiction. He says that this gives him so many different people to learn from and different types of experiences to describe and explore.

When asked why he is an English major, Cory answered that he wanted to improve his writing ability and learn better ways to convey his experiences through writing.  To people considering becoming English majors themselves, Cory says that studying English gives you more of an education than just in literature and increasing one’s ability to read—you can learn a lot more.

Tyler Bingham

interviewed by Christine Burke

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  • Name/Major/Year: Tyler Bingham, English, Sophomore
  • Favorite Author: J.K. Rowling and F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Extracurriculars: Ridge Report, Student Ambassador, WNIA (radio club), PR Society
  • Potential Career Plans: PR or HR, working with people
  • Favorite Character from Book and Why: Nick from The Great Gatsby because he is sarcastic, funny, and almost like a self-insert
  • Favorite Class: American Authors, likes Hawthorne, likes looking from a feminist perspective
  • Write about anything, what would it be: Sports writer (Bruins [Hockey])
  • Interested in Study: American Works, more British because it was not in High School curriculum
  • Other than English, what would you do: Communications, thinking about how others think, getting into minds
  • Why are you an English major: love writing and reading and am good at it
  • Hobbies/Likes/: playing chess, sports