MBA: Strategic SCM Course

Strategic Supply Chain Management

Looking for other Professional Level SCM Education?

Interested in obtaining the type of valuable knowledge and skills that this MBA course is noted for? Take the non-credit certificate program courses led by Jack Ampuja and others.

Customized corporate training by Jack Ampuja, Dr. Kling, and other experienced faculty instructors can be arranged through the Niagara Center for Supply Chain Excellence.

One Hour Corporate Briefings

Jack Ampuja has worked with Fortune 500 firms and presented to groups large and small, locally and nationally. He is an experienced manager, educator and consultant. He brings this experience and knowledge to his presentations and can answer many of your questions about the latest trends in supply chain management. He is available to do one-hour briefings to executive teams on a variety of supply chain topics--including "Logistics Trends," "International Supply Chain management, "Collaborative Purchasing," "Outsourcing," "Strategic Inventory Management," and "Customer Service Measurement." Contact Jack Ampuja directly at