MBA Global Trade Mission 2014: China

MBA Global Trade Mission 2014: China

by Allison Kowalewski on October 31, 2014
MBA Global Trade Mission 2014: China

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In May 2014, nine students and two Niagara University professors embarked on a trade mission to three cities in China. We visited Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Suzhou; I was lucky enough to be one of the nine students. The MBA program encourages graduate students to travel abroad during college breaks.

The Global Trade Missions have supported student learning around the world, allowing them to gain a cultural understanding of different countries and gain real experience. Prior to taking the trip, there is a class offered to learn about the country, region, culture, and business operations; the actual trip “counts” as another class. While traveling/studying abroad, meetings with companies are scheduled throughout the day. At night, the cities and sites are all yours!

The key thing is that as a student in the country; it’s important to take advantage of meetings with corporate and organization leaders; these meetings could lead to perspective jobs. After the meetings, the students are able to sightsee and do what they please. This Global Trade Mission is a great way to gain knowledge and experience. The program is great for individuals who want to study/travel abroad, but do not have the time or finances to spend a full semester overseas. The trip lasts roughly ten days (plus or minus a few days) and not every day is filled with meetings.

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The companies the 2014 China trip visited included Assist Card, Agricultural Bank of China, Tractus, Rockwell Automation, Unifrax, Genewiz, Higer Bus Company, and DFS Group LTD (just to name a few!). All the meetings were great! The companies represented different industries, which was interesting to learn how they entered the market (partnership, import, export), and how to do business (not only in china, but how they do it with other countries also). The professors included gatherings before the trip to determine what the students expected from the trip and the types of business that were of interest. Many of these recommendations were included in the trip.

This Global Trade Mission was the best trip and learning experience of my college life! It was a terrific way to network and learn while having fun! I would recommend a trip with faculty and NU to graduate student, regardless of your major!

This May 2015, the Global Trade Mission is going to Vietnam! The plan would be to take the class, MKG 682 AC Marketing Entry for Emerging Economies, with Professor Kowalewski in spring 2015 before the trip to Vietnam in May. This is a great way to have the opportunity for a short study abroad learning experience.

Questions about the China trip or the 2015 Vietnam trip can be addressed by Professor Kowalewski or Dr. Choong.

Stay tuned for more information to come!