Mission and Goals


The aims of the department of mathematics are the transmission of mathematical knowledge and the application of this knowledge to the life of the individual and to society. The mathematics department focuses its attention on the individual student and endeavors to guide him/her in developing intellectual curiosity, precision of thought and logical reasoning, as well as increasing intuitive thought, creativity and independent thinking in the fields of mathematics.


The mathematics department has the following goals for its majors:

1. Mathematical Problem Solving

  • Learn to apply precise, logical reasoning to problem solving.
  • Be able to reason, construct, and evaluate mathematical arguments and develop an appreciation for mathematical rigor and inquiry.

2. Technology

  • Use technology appropriately and effectively as a tool for solving problems and as an aid to understanding mathematical ideas.

3. Communication

  • Communicate mathematical thinking¬†orally and in writing to peers, faculty, and others with clarity and coherence.
  • Read mathematics with understanding.

4. Content Knowledge

  • Know the foundational material of mathematics including the Calculus, linear algebra, logic, set theory, induction, and functions.
  • Know the basic concepts of analysis, abstract algebra, and probability and statistics.