Master's of Sport Management Program: An Elite Level of Education

Master's of Sport Management Program: An Elite Level of Education

by Amanda Ruthman on November 24, 2014
Master's of Sport Management Program: An Elite Level of Education

Finishing my undergraduate degree, I was looking for more. Not only to further my education, or experience; I wanted to expand my connections to fellow peers, as well as the ability to interact with an experienced faculty. Niagara University has given me this opportunity at all levels.

In the master of science in sport management program, I have expanded my knowledge through the classroom and in the field. I started my journey at Niagara through online summer classes – talk about convenience! I was able to accomplish 1/3 of my course-load within 10 weeks. In those 10 weeks, I took on four classes that deeply broadened my knowledge of the sport management field. I was able to balance my course-load with a full-time job, social activities and the beginning of my internship with the Buffalo Sabres. This was most important to me. I had the freedom to learn at an elite level in education, while still growing within the field.


When I started my first days with the Sabres, I learned that a majority of my peers were also Niagara alumni or current students. Many of my supervisors, as well as fellow interns, all share Purple Pride with me. I knew then, as I was trying to break into the world of sport, that Niagara was the right choice.

This program has also given me a greater network of peers, while having the opportunity to learn from a knowledgeable and friendly faculty. As I started the fall semester, many of my classes focused on student-based teaching and group discussion. This learning style has allowed me to gain the insight of peers and faculty from many diverse backgrounds. The faculty is flexible with our individual and class-based needs, while working extremely hard to give us exclusive insight from their knowledge and experience.

Every day that I walk into the rink, my job, or the classroom, I realize how choosing Niagara University for the master of science in sport management program was the best choice. I am proud to put Niagara at the top of my resume.