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Program Information

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Required Courses

  • LAW 205
  • MGT 220 or MGT 221
  • MGT 160
  • MGT 240
  • MGT 308, MGT 315, MGT 318, MGT 351 (2 or 3 depending on concentration)

Human Resources Concentration

The human resource management concentration focuses on the management of people and organizational structure to create a work environment that is effective and rewarding. This concentration includes fundamental courses in business and management combined with concentration courses, and employs experiential learning methods to provide students with hands-on experience in solving human resource problems. The focus is on the core practices of work analysis, strategic planning, recruitment, performance management, compensation, and legal compliance within the competitive global environment.

  • MGT 344
  • Any four of the following: MGT 342, MGT 343, MGT 315, MGT 316, MGT 217

Integrated Concentration

Integrative management is a comprehensive and flexible concentration that integrates knowledge and skills in all functional areas of business. Students may customize the elective portion of their course work from a wide range of management, marketing and other business courses. This concentration is ideal for the student heading into a family business, those seeking general business preparation, and others who are interested in a wide range of business topics.

  • MKG 305 or MKG 335
  • Any three MGT 300 or 400 Level

International Concentration

The international management concentration is designed for the student who is focusing on embracing the emerging global economy. This concentration is structured so that students gain a breadth of business and management knowledge with a distinct focus on global application. Students complete globally and internationally focused courses from each functional area of business and generally complement these courses with at least one semester studying abroad. In addition, students are encouraged to take courses throughout the university curriculum that are dedicated to travel to foreign cultures, and are commonly advised to take courses in a foreign language.

  • MGT 217
  • MGT 327
  • MKG 325
  • FIN 360
  • Foreign Language or Advised Elective

Supply Chain Concentration

The supply chain management concentration focuses on the integration of logistics, distribution and purchasing. In today’s global economy, the efficient and timely coordination of local and worldwide supply chains is critical to business growth and success. Supply chain students pursue careers with shippers, transportation companies and intermediaries such as customs brokers and logistics management firms.

  • MGT 221
  • MGT 322
  • MGT 324
  • MGT 327
  • MGT 328