Master of Arts: Interdisciplinary Studies - Online

Now Also Offered Fully Online!

Interdisciplinary studies is a 33-credit-hour master of arts program, which allows students to construct their own curriculum, with great flexibility, to pursue their career goals and individualized academic interests. Students will construct an innovative curriculum that crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Mission and Goals

The master of arts in interdisciplinary studies (MAIS) degree offers students an opportunity to integrate a variety of methodological perspectives and modes of inquiry under a single degree program and course of study.

By combining these approaches, students construct an innovative curriculum that crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries, often to answer a specific question or to address a theme of interest to the individual student.

MAIS builds upon Niagara University’s established graduate programs in the College of Education, the College of Business Administration, College of Hospitality and Tourism, and the College of Arts and Sciences, as well as the diverse offerings of other departments across the university.

Graduates will gain an in-depth understanding of graduate-level research and current trends in interdisciplinary scholarship, as well as preparation for advancement in their chosen career field.