MAIS - Social Justice

Challenges in social justice and equality are all around us. From racism to women’s equality, economic inequalities to failing schools, multiple levels of social injustice persistently plague our communities. There are systemic cultural and economic disparities that are deeply rooted in historical, political, and economic practices. Therefore, a comprehensive understanding of current issues of social justice with all its dimensions requires an interdisciplinary and analytical study of these issues.

Framed in its mission, Niagara University has a strong commitment to addressing issues of social justice. This commitment leads to a variety of opportunities to study social justice through on-campus and online programs. MAIS-Social Justice is an excellent opportunity to engage all that NU offers towards a graduate degree focused on social justice.

MAIS-Social Justice, fully online or in-class, enables students to approach issues of social justice from a variety of disciplinary and academic perspectives. The interdisciplinary graduate program offers students to study social justice through its historical, political, religious, economic, and philosophical dimensions.

woman in dress holding sword figurine

Students in this program will have the opportunity to engage in social justice issues such as:

  •       race and ethnicity
  •       religion and social thought
  •       diversity in the workplace
  •       sociology of poverty
  •       representations of women in media and culture
  •       diversity in the classroom with English language learners or students with special needs
  •       cultural and social change
  •       black rights movements
  •       social justice activism
  •       criminal justice management and sentencing
  •       environmental law and its evolution

Students in the MAIS-Social Justice focus area may complete their two-semester (6 credit) Capstone conducting a social project. Students will have the option to work with the Ostapenko Center for Race, Equality & Mission to lead a project addressing a social justice issue in the larger community.

For more information on the MA-Interdisciplinary Studies program and its Social Justice focus, please contact Dr. Mustafa Gokcek, MAIS Program Director: Send Email