Loyalty Society

Loyalty Society LogoMembership in the Loyalty Society

Our alumni, friends and organizations that contribute annually are recognized in the Niagara University Loyalty Society. Donors making gifts for 3 consecutive years or more are members of this group. Gifts of any amount, to any area of the university are counted toward this membership. Consistent giving at any level is vital to the success of the university!

John R. Jr., '67, and Roslyn Crescenzi Adair, '67

Dr. Alayne A. Mercier Adams, '59

Jean M. Adelhardt, '73

George N. Alexiou, '80

Brian Allen+

James M., '65, and Nancy Perricelli Allen, '65

Karen J. Allen, '79

Maureen Kiely, '72, and John Allen, '71

Amazon Smile

Carl F. Ambuske, '69

Brian, '91, and Anna Intini Andrews

LTC (Ret) Gail Bohner, '72, and Charles Angle

Rev. Sebastian V. Annino, '57




Eugene C. Antczak, '48

Dena Elia, '79, and John Armstrong

Bernard J. Arnold, '55*

Col. Robert M., '66, and Margaret Baldau Asiello, '67

Eugene J., '61, and Eleanor Asklar

Athletic Department

Rev. James M. Augustyn, '59

William D. Baco III, '12

Warren W., '67, and Linda Bader

Edward J., '74, and Linda Baehr

Debra A. Russell, '82, and Harry Baker

Linda Perna, '76, and Jeffrey Ball

Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund

Michael W. Barber, '98

Robert C., '54, and Janet Barber

Susan Barber+

John F. Barker+

Annella J. Barranco

Patrick D., '68, and Joan Barry

Dr. Andrew J., , Hon. 93, and Lucy Bartilucci

Rosemary M. Montana Basta, '84

Peter J. Jr. and Lynne Battaglia

Eileen I. Batt, MS '73

Thomas P., '61, and Carolyn Batt

Rev. Elmer Bauer, '87

Richard E. Baughman, '70

Michael J.+ and Gina Beam

James M. Beardsley

Maureen M. Becker, '90

James M. III, '77, and Carol Bedard

Sheila+ and Peter Bednarz

Pamela J., '10,+ and Kurt Beehler

Benevity Community Impact Fund

Dr. Gerald M., '66, and Luann Beresny

John T., '74, and Joanne Beresny

William L., '61, and Fran Bergan

Lawrence M., '82, and Darla Berkel

Kelly G., '83, and Kim Schindler Besaw, '83

Gary A. Bienkowski, '84

Joan Fountaine, '68, and Gary Biggs

Patricia P. Raske, '71, and Eugene Birkner

John J., '55, and Marilyn Bishop

Dennis F., '74, and Jean Blake

BLBB Charitable

Cathleen A. Blood, MS '75

James P. and Jane Bobo

William M. Bobo

Jeannette G. Muscarello Bobst, '56

David P., '67, and Mary Boergers

Rudy and Sharon Boleslav

Frank J., '75, and Barbara Bonsignore

Keith G. and Rosemary Bootes

Dr. Henrik Borgstrom+ and Donna DeCarolis

Col. Edward J., '58, and Liselotte Brady

William A. Brady, MA '51

Kathleen L. Branigan, '73, and Richard Egan

Kathleen M. Benne, '00, and Ben Bremer

Robert P. Jr., '68, and Karen Brezing

Mary L. Gibbons, '78, and John Brooks

Elizabeth A. Broomfield, MS '05+

Mark A., '72, and Anna Bruno

Matthew, '73, and Thomasine Bryk

Ronald P., '68, and Norma Bucelato

Brian R., '68, and Karen Otto Burch, '68

Thomas J. Burch III, '75

Carl E., '56, and Elsa Burke

John D., '72, and Claire Burke

Jane W. Ward, '70, and Patrick Burns

Thomas J.+ and Maureen Burns

Tim J., '85, and Alison Butler

Kenneth A., '61, and Patricia Byrne

Patrick J., '73, and Margot Byrne

Timothy J., '85, and Margaret Byrne

Lori J. Caccamise, MBA '17+

Anthony V. Caccomo, '69

Msgr. Richard M. Cahill, '52

Rev. Msgr. Angelo M. Caligiuri, '55

Dr. Vincent Callanan and Cheryl Kemp Klass, '77

John C., '87, and Elizabeth Davis Calogero

Ronald R. Campbell, '66

Colleen M. Corcoran, '76, and Ralph Camp

Samuel A. Sr., '43,* and Lena Cappione

Robert C., '84, and Linda Capuano

Carbon County Bar Association

Col. Damian, '82, and Mary Fritz Carr, '82

Rev. Michael J. Carroll, '73

William P., '67, and Christine Carroll

BG Anthony F., '69, and Diane Caruana

Elizabeth Sacheli Caruso, '75

W. Michael, '80, and Carol Moeller Cassell, '79

Cassidy-CUNY Reducing Revocations Grant

Castellani Donation Box

Larry P. and Joan Castellani

Robert J. Castellani, '64

T. Christopher, '77, and Helen Castellani

Castle Products Inc.

Kathleen Cauley+

Peter A. Cella Jr., '89

LTC Walter R., '63, and Barbara Cempura

Louis F. Ceraso, '64

Kevin J., '86, and Lucricia Chechak

Dr. Ronald F., '67, and Arlene Cheff

Andrew D. Chesebro, '07

Charles W., '76, and Sandra Whissel Chiampou, '76

Brian D., MS '15, and Patricia Muiser Chinappi

Dr. Youngsoo Choi+

Raymond A., '88, and Kathleen Cinelli

Samual J., '63, and Marianne Civiletto

Kevin J., '73, and Kathryn Hourihan Clarke, '73

JoAnn G. Guardalibene Clune, '58

Ashley C. Collins, '13

Dr. Joseph W. Collins, '49

Paige J. Collins, '15

Mary J. Bobo, '76, and Joseph Colosi

Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

Compu-Mail, LLC

Gerald M., '69, and Margaret Conboy

Kerry M. Dalton Condon, '87, and Michael Dalton

Congregation of the Mission, Eastern Province

Joseph M. Jr., '59, and Nancy Conley

Leonard M. Conlin Sr., '52

Timothy M., '97,+ and Mary Beth Connolly

Barbara J. Shisler, MS '01, and Nicholas Converso

Rosemarie S. Selgas, '70, and John Cordes

Robert E. Jr., MS '64, and Mary Corrigan

Pietro Cortellucci

Dr. John J. Cossentino, '54

Bridget A. Cox, '74

Christopher R., '93, and Yun Coyer

Josh P. Coyne, '10

Dr. John E., '59, and Jacqueline Crable

Anthony C., '69, and Vicki Crescenzi

Anita Monroe, '69, and Larry Cronk

Brian P., '67, Hon. 05, and Dr. Frances Stevralia Crosby, '67+

Joseph J. Crotty

Mary Ann Kumro, '55, and Col. George Crowe, '54

Arthur W., '76, and Anne Crumlish

Hon. James G., '50, and Laila Cuddy

William J., '91, and Teresa Culkin

Thomas J., '76, and Mary Cullinan

Frederick L., '78, and Denise Cuneo

Col. Kenneth E., '63, and Alice Cuneo

John P., '63, and Maureen Curtin

Dr. Deborah Tallman, '84,+ and Scott Curtis

Julie M. Czyrny+

John M., '52, and Marie Dailey

Robert J., '66, and Judith Daino

Ellen J. Daly, '77

Robert P. Daly, '76

Dr. Shawn P.+ and Mary Daly

Peter J., '53, and Joan Damick

Thomas R., '70, and Carol D'Angelo

Jeffrey O., '74, and Maureen Hoag Dann, '74

Robert J., '83, and Nancy Dann

Dr. Anthony N., '63, and Marjorie Dardano

William J., '57, and Marilyn Darmody

Peter A. Davidow, '10, and Nicole Mehlman-Davidow, '13

Margaret Ranft, '77, and John Day

Michael W., '76, and Mary Bermel de la Montaigne, '75

Douglas F. Jr., '74, and Eugenia Regan Dean, '74

Richard J., '66, and Sheila Degus

Marilyn Deighton+

Frederick A., '55, and Donna DeJohn

Dr. John A., '63, and Jo Ellen del Campo

Anthony J. Del Gobbo and Nancy Cimbal

Dr. William T. Delaney, '46

Francis E. Jr., '66, and Bernadette Delany

James N., '66, and Judith Powell Delia, '66

Deloitte & Touche LLP

Deloitte Foundation

Robert J. Dermody, '73

Elizabeth DeVeau

John D., '56, and Patti DeVincentis

Marilyn L. Lovett, '64, and John Dewey

Thomas P., '63, and Elizabeth Dooher DiCamillo, '88

Elizabeth S. DiChiara-Murphy, MS '76

John Dicky, MA '68

Lavern and Kathleen Dietz

Travis M. and Jennifer Diez+

Maryellen Diggins, '95, and Daniel Burger

Michael L., '79, and Amy DiMartino

Anthony J. DiMichele, '76

Maria R. DiNardo, MS '10+

Rev. Michael L. Diskin, '70

John J., '62, and Roberta Dolan

Ronald J., '79, and Cathy Martine Dolecki

Mary R. Donnelly

John F., '65, and Barbara Donohue

Kevin Donohue

Eileen T. Donovan

Rev. Richard R. Donovan, '54

William G. Dowd IV, '72

Elizabeth C. Caliva, '76, and Paul Dozier

Christine K. Remza, '90, and Mike Duffy

Dr. Robert C., '87, and Dr. Carolyn Dukarm

Lynda A. Nowak Duncan, '80

Jeffrey T., MBA '90, and Susan Strong Dunn, '89

George E., '68, and Ellen Brosnan Durstin, '68

Diane Myrdek Dwire, '68

Andrew M., '73, and Deborah Eassa

Michael W., '69, and Kathryn Kempf Edwards, '69

Dr. William J., '57, and Beverly Egan

Carl E., '74, and Jeanne Schuhmann Ehmann, '75

Elbers Landscape Service, Inc.

Dr. Robert A., '63, and Stephanie Ellwood

Robert B., '75, Hon. 06, and Lynda Engel

Walter J., '59, and Mary Jo Cofrancesco Engels, '61

Darren W., MS '14, and Kelly Adams Engert, '04+

Donald Erickson

Ernst & Young Foundation

Dr. Robin W. Jr.+ and Juanita Erwin

Kathleen M. Lynch, '67, and Matthew Eussen

Exxon Mobil Foundation, Inc.

Dr. Joseph P., MBA '03, and Catherine Faello

Thomas C. Farley Jr., '83

Terence A. Fassanella, '02

Robert J. Fay, '63

Russell A., '65, and Melanie Fazio

Thomas G., '76, and Philomena Ferrara

Frank A., '85, and Mary Fiannaca

Fidelity Charity Investments

Joyce E. Fink

Barry G., '93, and Carol Fisher

Lisa M. Lovett, '88, and Neil Fitzpatrick

Vincent D. Jr., '88, and Amanda Fibbe Flaherty, '87

Rev. Patrick S. Flanagan, '87

Thomas J., '81, and Susan Flannery

Maureen P. Flattery, '80

Dr. Arthur J., '54, and Elinor Florack

Deacon John F., '69, and Billie Flynn

MAJ Mark T., '86, and Col. Dawn Metro Flynn, '89

Teresa M. Foody, '70

Dr. Chandra J. Foote+ and Chris Robins

Howard N. (MBA'87), MBA '87, and Digna Forbes

John C., '65,* and Virginia Ford

William H. Jr., '69, and Joanne Frank

Dr. Gregory L., '81, and Nancy French

Rocco J. Frenzilli III, '70, and Katherine Mercier

LTC David B., MS '79, and Rose Ann Froberg, '79

Pauline J. Bumbalo, '65, and Dr. David Fugazzotto

Mary E. Furlong, MS '83

Gabriele & Berrigan, PC

Mark J., '84, and Michelle Gabriele

William T., '61, Hon. 07, and Nancy Gacioch

Joseph F. Gadawski, '58, and Dr. Nancy McGlen

Sister Louise Gallahue, D.C.

Galway Bay Foundation, Inc.

Eugene L., '54, and Frances Gazza

Dr. Robert L. Jr., '81, and Paula McGowan Gedeon, MS '00

Marsha Gee

Joseph F. and Sandi Gelsomino

Joseph A., '71, and Patricia Genovese

Joseph R. Jr., '75, and Barbara George

Heather M. Gerace+

Hon. Stephen D., '64, and Diann Gerling

Mary Menz, '79, and Joseph Germano

Carol Gibbons

George H., '66, and Jane McHugh Gieselman, '66

Michael J. Jr., '69, and Carita Brane Gillotte, '68

F. James, '70, and Judith Ginnane

Kenneth R. Glaser, '60

Rev. John Gloss Jr., '70

Christopher M., '85, and Michelle Blackley Glynn

James V., '57, Hon. 85, and Mary Gallagher Glynn

Denise A. Campbell, '88, and Alan Gober

Denise Gonez-Santos and Miguel Santos

Harry Gong+

Dr. Andrew C. Good, '95

Dr. Denise M. Goodman, '79

John F., '62, and Sally Goodson

James L., '68, and Patricia Behringer Gorman, '68

Dr. Sheila A. Gorman, '59

Mary Kathleen Riorden, '63, and Michael Gormley

Hon. Jerome C., '58, and Janet Gorski

Dennis R., '72, and Patricia Calveric Graham, '72

Marian+ and Robert Granfield

Allan J. Gray, '70

Col. Barbara M. Green, '72

Dr. John D., '69, and Carol Cole Greene, '69

Sharon A. Green+

Mark Gregoreski, '91

Mary Jane C. Grajewski, '73, and Benton Gross

Very Rev. Stephen M. Grozio, '75

Dr. Roberta J. Guibord, '87

Richard N. Guibord

Barry F., '75, and Barbara Guido

Michael G., '98, and Susan Sammo Gutchell

Sally Baldwin, '64, and David Guthrie

Barbara L. Lang, '56, and James Gutmann

Peter J., '85, and Michele Gyscek

Brian M., '76, and Mary Haley

Dr. Kevin R., '73, and Donna Haley

John M. Hamilton, '74

Peter M., '70, and Laura Hamilton

Carol S. Schwab, '74, and Kenneth Hamm

Dr. Michelle Kukoleca, '92, and Stephen Hammes

Dr. Lei Han+

Hon. Charles J., '58, and Marion Hannigan

Richard L. Harper Jr., '72, and Mary Anne Maroney

Col. (Ret.) Kevin F., '67, and Julie Atwood Harrington

Harter Secrest & Emery, LLP

James S. Hart, '69

John F. Harvey, '64

Hon. James R., '61, and Shirley Harvey

Brian T., '76, and Joanne Hassett

Dianne Hawver, MS '08+

Health System Services, LTD

Ted P. Heim Sr., '57

William L., '65, and Laura Heinz

Martin W., '68, and Linda Metzler Herman, '67

Sean T., '82, and Karen Higman

Tyra A. Hilliker, '98

Jeanne L. Hilsinger

Edward C. Hintz, '70

Dr. J. Shannon Hodges+ and Shoshanna Cogan

Michael J., '76, and Suzanne Kowalczyk Hogan, '76

Daniel J. Jr., '71, and Lois Holody

David A. Hominuck, '04

Bruce Hoover and Mary Borgognoni+

George W., '90, and Suzanne Hoover

James D., '64, and Louise Derrico Hosp, '66

Karen L. Siembida, '84, and David Howard

Robert R. Howe, MS '74

Rev. Joseph G. Hubbert, '73+

Antony C., '75, and Lucia Hui

Edward+ and Gayle Hutton

Dr. Barbara Iannarelli

IBM Corporation

Thomas J., '74, and Sharon Igoe

IMERYS Fused Minerals Niagara Falls

Susan Straka, '78, and Sven Ingard

Frank N., '76, and Susanne Ingegno

Robert P. Ingrasci Jr., '08

Joseph A. Iocco, '62

J. Crew Group, Inc.

Pamela Ryan Jacobs Vogt

Dr. Carlos R., '79, and Diane Morasse Jaen, '80

Jason A. Jakubowski+

John P., '68, and Anne Jakubowski

Gerald J., '58, and Judith Janan

Gail Heiermann, MS '76, and Patrick Janiga

Donald V., '64, and Doris Jellig

John P. Salamone Memorial Foundation

Christian Johnson

James J. Johnson, '80

Tina M.+ and Thomas Johnston, '00

Col. (Ret.) Donald H., '61, and Sarah Jones

Darlene+ and Richard Jones

Dr. Malena J. Taylor, '02,+ and Timothy Jones

Thomas H., '60, and Sandra Jones

Robert M., '83, and Sheila Williams Jordan, '82

Margaret M. Breier Joynt, '62

Dr. Edward J., '65, and Anne Kampf

Suzanne+ and Jeffrey Karaszewski

Dr. James T. Karpick, '63

Col. J. Gregory Jr., '75, and Kendra Kaufmann

Rev. Edwin J. Kaukus, '53

Diane T. Tworek Kay, '66

James T., '70, and Gerry Keefe

Dr. Michael D. Keem, '72

Robert E. Jr., '74, and Jacqueline Alaimo Kelderhouse

Erin M. Kelly, '78

John C. III, '69, and Mary Kelly

MAJ Mark J., '70, and Joyce Kelly

William C., '97, and Amanda Kelsey

Jessica A. Kemp, '03

James L. Kenefick, '51

Edwin M., '62, and Maureen Kennedy

John J., '64, and Elizabeth Kennedy

Dr. Peter E., '58, and Barbara Kennedy

Patrick J., '64, and Christine Kennedy

James M., '52, and Janet Kenny

Michael W., '78, and Des Kernin

Theresa M. Fletcher, '74, and Wayne Kern

Key Foundation

Wm. Lee Jr., '69, and Susan Kinnally

Joseph P. III, '70, and Susann Kirlin

Jeff, '98, and Stacey Klein

Dr. James A.+ and Patsy Kling

Judith Kloc, '77, and Dennis McInerney

Lawrence W., '85, and Susan Dolpp Klock, '85

Wilbur G., '70, and Denise Klos

Antonia B.+ and Thomas Knight

Col. Roger P. Knight, '54

Daniel J. Kolb, '72

Elizabeth N. Kolber

Dr. Norbert G. Koller, '67

Thomas A. Kolp, '67

Jane A. Koop, '85

Steven M., '94, and Tracy Kopp

Marilyn J. Koren+

Mary Ellen Korndoerfer, '73

Richard J., '55, and Irene Kossmann

Dr. Theodore R. Kozlowski, '59

Michael A., '86, and Robin Krawczyk

Mark W., '79, and Lynn Kreyer

Robert H., '71, and Patricia Krombach

GEN (Ret) Walter M., '64, and Kay Kross

Paul J., '78, and Bernadette Coyne Kunkemoeller, '77

Dr. Thomas E. Kwasigroch, '67

Elissa La Bagnara, '70

Dr. Louis P., '73, and Sue LaBarber

Laborers' Union Local #91

Congressman John J., , Hon. 79, and Patricia LaFalce

Frank P. Sr., '63, and Ann Lamanna

Carolyn L. Morris Lambert, '62

John J., '73, and Linda DeMare Lang, '72

Melissa A. Langridge, MSE '15+

Maureen T. and Vincent LaPiana

Meg M. Largey, '73

William C. LaRocque, '69

Barbara L. Laughlin, , Hon. 94

Charles P., '75, and Christina Lauria


Robert G. Lawson, '78, and Joe Tate

Francis P., '55, Hon. 84, and Barbara Layden

Deanna Guerrette, '81, and Stephen LeBlanc

Leonard J., '66, and Mary Ann Leccese

Joseph F. Ledwin Sr.

Dr. Tenpao+ and Christin Lee, '91

John C., '62, and Diane Lenahan

Mark T., '77, and Susan Lettieri

Henry J., '73, and Wilda Liana

Liberty Mutual

Linda R. Lillis, '98

Harvey A., '52, and Yvonne Limbeck

Lincoln Moving and Storage of Buffalo, Inc.

Rev. Stewart M. Lindsay, '68

Elaine B. Heyert, '81, and Michael Llanos

Adam E., '96, and Judy Locher

William T. Loftus Jr., '82, and Sandra Doorley

Mark L., '79, and Christine Canny Lomanto, '80

Mario R. Long, '02

Garett J. Longwell, '89

Gordon A., '67, and Rosemarie Lord

Sharon G. Ross, '64, and Richard Low

Kathleen M. Hickey, '69, and F. Clark Lydic

Edward F., '65, and Roberta Lynch

Catherine A. Lyons, '75

M&T Bank

M&T Bank Charitable Foundation

Bruce K. Mackie, '83

Tracy H. Hensler, '01, and Jarett MacMaster

Ellen R. Maher, '72

Rev. James J. Maher+

John D., '66, and Karen Mahoney

Kevin C. and Laurice Mahoney

Maid of the Mist Corporation

Lawrence F., '80, and Virginia Gregory Maietta, '79

Barbara A. Butry, '59,+ and Robert Malinowski

Edward S. Malinowski, '66

Joseph T. Manhart, '76

Rev. Kevin J. Mannara, '85

Manulife Financial

Michael F. Manzulli, '62

Dawn T.+ and James Marasco

Robert A., '73, and Elaine Phelps Marinucci, MS '74

John E., '69, and Charlotte Markert

Terrence J., '62, and Judith Mark

Edward F. Martel, '53

Dina J. Martin, '07+

Gary L., '66, and Bonnie Martineck

Joseph E. Marx, '82

John G. Mathias Jr., '72, and Marcia Mathais

Mary E.+ and Keith Matiash

Joseph A., '60, and Marjorie O'Neil Matturro, '62

Paul E., '80, and Wanda Buda Maxwell, '79

Paul H., '63, and Mary May

Mary F. Falletta, '82, and John McCabe

Patricia P. Phillips, '78, and Robert McCluskey

James D., '56, and Regina Mcconnell

Matthew K. McConnell, '80

Rob McCoy+

Brian D., '79, and Kathy McDermott

Walter A., '60, and Ann Schwab McDermott, '61

Leo J. McGarry, '61

Gregory R., '70, and Allyson Cottier McGinn, '70

Eugene McGovern, '61

Edward J. III, '81, and Amy McKeegan

Tracia L. Bratcher, '90,+ and Rodney McKissic

James H., MA '57, and Maire McLaughlin

William J., '49, and Bernice McLaughlin

Kathleen Murphy, '86, and Brian McMahon

Paul M., '65, Hon. 02, and Doerte McManus

JoAnne M. Marren McNamara, '78

Dr. Tim J., '75, and Julie McNamara

William J. Jr., '71, and Maureen McNelis

Mark E. and Kathleen McQuade

Dr. Katherine F. McSpadden, '63

Dr. Gerald C. Mead Jr., , Hon. 20

Scott T. Meaney+

Sharon J. McAvoy, '65, and Glenn Mease

Elizabeth C. Bedenk Melito, '87

Merani Hotel Group

Metz Culinary Management

Christina Metzler, '71

Dr. Alberta B. Borgese Micale, '65

Rose M., '64, and Frank Micale

Steve G., '83, and Loraine Miller

Thomas P., '76, and Lisa Mimnaugh

Robert A., '88, and Kristy Minicucci

Daniel P., '07, and Ashley Carminati Misko, '08

Mary Helen+ and Michael Miskuly

Dr. Abigail J., '95, and Dennis Mitchell

McKenzie L. Botcher Mitchinson, '15

John C. Jr., '65, and Julian Mohney

James M., '78, and Cynthia Shephard Monaghan, '78

Richard P., '78, and Sandra Maggio Monahan, '79

Larry A. and Mary Montani

Patrick A., '68, and Kathleen Barry Monti, '70

John S. Moore, '54

Michael J., '82, and Rosanne Moore

Richard F. Moore, '74

Rita K. Karcher, '61, and John Moore

Susan M. Morgan, '79, and Dr. Frank Robinson

Elaine P.+ and Larry Morreale

Harry J., '53, and Gabriela Morrison

Stephanie Newman Morris+

Paul J. Morrow, '81

Craig E., '68, and Judith Muehlig

Avis McCullough, '68, and Jim Mulholland

David J., MS '63, and Elizabeth Mullaney

Michael and Marilyn Mullen

Michael L., '67, and Anita Mullen

John E. Munro, MS '98+

George M. Murphy, '53

James G. Murphy, '76

James E., '68, and Kathryn Murrer

Kathleen Cichy, '69, and Brian Mylod, '68

National Fuel Gas Company Foundation

Kathleen L. Neville, MA '15

New York Life Foundation

Next Level Lax LLC

Rev. Michael M. Nguyen

Niagara Shares

Michael J., '88, and Carolyn Marcoux Nicholson, '91

Dr. Charles G., MA '68, and Mary Nitsche

Erin O'Brien, '99

Thomas M., '72, Hon. 09, and Patricia O'Brien

Andrew A., '63,* and Mary Thomas O'Connell, '63

Dr. George E. O'Connell, MS '69

Terrance and Virginia O'Connell

Stephen R., '69, and Constance O'Connor

Alfonso R., '68, and Marianne Oddo

Thomas J. O'Donnell

Paul E. Jr., '81, and Julianne Grawehr O'Leary, '83

Rev. Vincent J. O'Malley, MA '80

Robert P., '70, and Linda O'Neill

Tom M., '70, and Suzanne O'Neil

Linus L. Ormsby Jr., MS '88

Leonard J., '60, and Vicki Orzechowski

Patricia M. O'Shea, '76

Mary Ann McClean O'Sullivan, '64

Salvatore A. Pace, '61

Timothy J., '85, and Sally Palisano

Stefanie Palumbo, '74, and John Hubczak

Virginia L.+ and Samuel Pasceri

LTC E. Gary, '70, and Rita Pasierb

Michael P. Pass, '12

Daniel, '67, and Marjorie Pastalaniec

Kay Patterson

Gary L., MBA '86, and Joyce Patton

LTC Scott J. Pautz, '80

Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation

Nicholas Jr., '71, and Jeannine Roach Pettinico, '73

Mary Beth Lawandus, '69, and Robert Pfeifer

Dr. Dennis J. Pfennig, MA '63

Pfizer Foundation

Carol C. Phillip, MS '80

Donna C. Kester Phillips+

Dick M., '71, and Karen Philson

Amy L. Tutino Piatak, '75

Susan E. Enright, '88, and Mark Piccillo

Madonna M. Miller Pidgeon, '69

Ellen Streit, '88, and Robert Pierce

Dominic C., '70, and Sharon Pino

John C. Pitarresi

Jerome and Marie Pitarresi

Aaron D., '01, and Mary Cutia Pluff, '01

Dr. Rita H. Pollard+ and Alfred Gerber

Power of Giving Program

Mary M. Power

William J., '61,* and Susanne Powers

Dr. Gary D. and Carol Praetzel

Peter, '88, and Kate Prager

David M., '81, and Jennifer Prisaznuk

William D., '65, and Marie Prouty

Walter V., '63, and Judith Chiodo Ptasiuk, '64

Mario J., '80, and Mary Beth Quaglia

Maureen E. Raidy, '65

Paul G. Rampado, '84

Joseph L., '58, and Idamarie Randazzo

Rev. Edward L. Rauch, '60

Otto F. Jr., '61, and Polly Redanz

Dr. Robert P. Jr., '89, and Christine Reeves

Maureen Mooney, '70, and Russell Reid

Thomas J., '83, and Enid Reiley

Denise G. Glynn, '78, and Dennis Reilly

Lynn A. Reilly, '78

Celia M. Reilly-Mauro, '87, and Thomas Mauro Jr.

Eileen Hanratty, '80, and Dr. Peter Remec

Henry W., '64, and Marcia Reynders

Bryan D., '80, and Karen Richardson

Dr. Paul+ and Toni Richardson

Edward D., '71, and Julie Riedlinger

John A., '86, and Mary Rieger

B. M. Rinella, '70

Lisa A. Wasson, '95,+ and Dr. Craig Rivera+

Theresa Mazzone Roberts, '79

Kim M. Roche, '84

Stephanie J. Basta, '82, and Richard Rockwood

Col. Richard M., '52, and Kathleen Rodney

Jean McLees, '69, and Thomas Rollauer

Dr. Bonnie F. Rose

Christopher D., '82, and Mary Lawley Ross, '82

Jaclyn R. Rossi, '08+

Albert, '80, and Barbara Cardone Rottaris, '79

Weldon J., , Hon. 04, and Shirley Rougeau

Patrick J., '74, and Susan York Rountree, '74

John M. Jr., MS '86, and Janet Rovison

Thomas R., '70, and Donna Ruane

David P., '06, and Mara Campo Rueter, '06

John P., '77, and Barbara Rumschik

George C. Jr., '72, and Joanne Lawless Ruotolo, '72

John M. Ruse, '69

Judith Quigley Ruse, '69

Ronald W., '65, and Carolyn Russell

Charles J., '76, and Helen Russo

Mark J., '72, and Martha McGrann Ryan, '73

Michael G., '81, and Laci Ryan

Mark T. Ryan, '81

Sheri A. Ryan

Benedict A., '60, and Sharon Salamone

Paul C., '83, and Tammy Salat

Russell J. Salvatore

Terrell M. Kondziela, '83, and Brian Samoriski

John R., '75, Hon. 11, and Karen Glasser Sanderson, '75

Patricia A. Casale Santulli, '63

Michele A. Scardetta, '89

Yvonne Krall, '68, and Allen Scherer

James Schermerhorn, '64

William T. Jr., '63, and Juanita Schmitt

David M.+ and Carol Schoen

Joseph R., '83, and Debora Schum

Schwab Charitable Fund

Cathleen Vincent, '83, and Christopher Scirto

Robert A. Scoppechio, '70, and Elizabeth Mighton

Msgr. Leonard G. Scott, '61

Hon. Frederick J. Jr., '61, and Cricket Scullin

Maria L. Serio-Melvin, '89, and John Melvin

Rosemary Gibbons, '70, and Dr. Yogesh Shah

Joseph O. Jr., '79, and Mary Kathryn Shanahan

William P., '74, and Claudia Zink Shannon, '74

Craig J. Sheets, '95

Mark L. Shepard, '88, and Kimberley Minkel-Shepard, '88

Jill A. Shuey+ and Dr. Matthew Ward

Paul O. Siciliano, '09

Dr. Peter A. Siedlecki, '60, and Lynnette Sielecki

Kathleen H. Hillman Simmons, '82

John V. Jr., '78, and Kristy Simon

James F., '67, and Cathy Simpson

John Sindoni

Dr. George H., MS '61, and Anne Skau

Dr. David E.+ and Michelle Skiba+

Marjorie and Jack Skinner

Anne Kellick Skowronski

Michael J. Skowronski+

Sleep Insights Management Services, LLC

Dale R., '95, and Roberta Evans Smeal, '95

Michele M. Smith-Link+ and Wesley Link

Hon. Martin E., '67, and Mary Kleinhans Smith, '68

Todd B. Smith, '77

Todd R. and Melinda Maybee Smith, '78

Charles J. III, '66, and Maureen Snyder

Jeffry Sobkowski, '82

Col. Paul F., '57, and Carole Somerville

Dr. Richard E., '52, and Mary Stanton

Charles B., '51, and Ann Starrs

Dr. Henry F., '54, and Barbara Stempin

Dr. Thomas C., '64, and Sharon Lutz Stevens, '66

Diane E.+ and Dennis Stoelting

Wendy L. Stone+

Dr. John B., '59,+ and Albertine Maurice Stranges, '80

Alice M. Sulik, '52

Lynn K. Haefner Sullivan, '65

Dr. Thomas A., '84, and Jennifer Summers

Mary Talbot, '63, and Neal Sumrall

Rocco Sr., '77, and Deborah Rindo Surace, '79

George T., '82, and Cathy Sweeney

Monica E. Cerina Sweeney, '59

James J., '66, and Patricia Tambroni

Wai-Ming Tam, '76

Ben R., '81, and Kathleen Coman Tarantino, '80

Peter M. Tarantino, '10

Patricia H. Taylor

Thomas F., '85, and Joanne Taylor

Judith H. Hill, '77, and Frank Tessitore

Michael and Nicole Tevlin

The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo

The Taylor Family Foundation

Dr. Joan E. Thornton, '80

Dr. Joseph T., '55, and Joan Thornton

Paul C., '72, and Regina Thornton

Jacqueline C. Carroll, '86, and Thomas Thorp

Linda Heckel, '70, and James Tiani, '68

Christopher P., '82, and Stephanie Tighe

Mary A. Andrus, '68, and John Tindall

Frederick A. Titman+

Brian F. Toohey, '66, and M. Elizabeth Monihan

Stephanie L. Toohey+

Anne P. Towey

Joyce A. Uebelhoer, '68, and Thomas Tracey

Randall P., '81, and Kathleen Renzo Traugott, '81

Clair M., '73, and Diana Traver

Martha E. Morgan, '88, and Anthony Troia

Claude Trudel

Mary Lynne Welch Turner, '81

Patrick M. Tutka+

Eugene J. Tylenda, '50

Rosalie Fink Tyrrell-Puccio, '68, and Luis Puccio

Joseph C. Umhauer*+

Kathleen T. Unger, '75

Uniland Development Corporation

United Way of Greater Niagara

USA Payroll

Louis R., '67, and Mary Valente

Hon. Joseph D., '68, and Janet Valentino

Roger F. VanDyke, '89, and Jane Kelly

Susan M. Waite, '74, and William VanTyle

David+ and Liz Vasquez

Verizon Foundation

Sara A. Hladis, '02,+ and Matthew Villnave, '02+

Vincent and Harriet Palisano Foundation

Elizabeth E., '63, and Gene Virtuoso

Michael L., '83, and Janice Vitch

John and Mary Wager

Anne E. Mowery, '87, and Bret Waggoner

Dr. Suzanne C.+ and Raymond Wagner

Franklin K. Wald, '76

Col. (Ret.) Terrence M., '63, and Audrey Wallace

Dr. Francis J. II, '65, and Patricia Waller

Rev. Msgr. James E. Wall, '59

Charles J. Walsh Jr., '66

John F. Walsh, '43*

LTC (Ret) Richard J. Walsh, '58

Diane Makoviecki, '75, and Alan Warde

Michele, '18,+ and Scott Warner

Edward M., '76, and Kathleen Hooley Warnke, '77

Harrison A., '66, and Geraldine Waterbury

Robert T. Waters, '70

Dr. Sharon Onevelo Watkinson, '66

Dr. Thomas P., '69, and Rhea Webb

Ann C. Weingartner, '58

Russell G. Welch, '66

John E. Welc, '71

Robert G., '71, and Maureen Grant Wellner, '71

Diane M. Murphy, '82, and Ben Wells

Dr. Derek Wesley+

David K. Westerman, '00

Western New York Foreign Trade Zones Operators, Inc.

David V.+ and Sandra Whalen

James P., '69, and Patricia Wheeler

Joseph B., '74, and Eileen Dobias White, '73

Patricia A. Huebsch White

Christopher J. and Elizabeth Whiteside

Veronica M. White, '81, and Victor Marrero

Herbert A., '60, and Wendy Wickenden

John H., '68, and Kathleen Wilcox

Linda A. Wildermuth, '69

Barbara R. Williams, '84

Lisa V. Williams+

Ward W.+ and Leslie Wilmot

James J., '66, and Karen Winkler

BG Robert J. Winzinger Sr., '66

William J. and Deborah Wirth

Connor T. Wolfe, '17

Charles E. Wright Sr., '62

James J., '73, and Carol Wrzosek

Xerox Foundation

Linda Roach, '76, and William Yanklowski

Steven L. Yellen, '70

LTC Patricia G. Gilmartin, '70, and John Young

Cynthia Hashagen, '74, and James Zabava

Lawrence D. and Maria Zamojski

James M., '86, and Kathryn Morris Zanella

Michael L., '67, and Susan Kordenbrock Zarchin, '67

Joseph and Christine Zaremba

Charles R., '52, and Elizabeth Zavitz

Richard J., '70, and Rosemary Zick

James, '68, and Julie Zigo

Martin F., '66, and Suanne Zimmermann

William M., '73, and Karen Zirnheld

Philip J. Zodda, '73, and Kathleen Haywood

Dr. Richard G. Zogby, '52

Donald F., '60, and Gail Zorn

Brian J. Zwergel, '65

Kevin P., '72, and Julia Denninger Zwiebel, '72