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Liberal Arts Careers

At Niagara University, the liberal arts program allows students to design their own major to match their career interests or explore areas of study outside of established disciplines.  The interdisciplinary study involved in connecting multiple disciplines in the senior seminar can be a very useful career skill.  In addition to the career contacts below, students are encouraged to seek out and talk to a variety of people who are connected to their career interests.

"What can I do with this major?

  • The "What can I do with this major?" site doesn't have a specific listing for liberal arts, but the listings most closely tied to your academic interests may be of use to you.

Departmental Resources

Related Resources

Career Contacts

The following faculty, alumni, and staff have volunteered to speak with students about possible careers. To volunteer or update your contact information,  Contact Us.

  • Departmental Faculty
  • College of Arts & Sciences Faculty - Depending on your interests, liberal arts students work closely with faculty from related departments who can also assist with career advice.
  • Nancy McGlen, Ph.D. (Dean Emeritus) -
         A variety of fields, especially those connected to Political Science and Social Sciences
  • Matthew Rongey (Alumnus) -
         Liberal Arts (Math & Physics Concentrations)
         Aviation and/or Military (Army)
  • John Sauter, Ph.D. (Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs) -
         A variety of fields, especially those connected to Higher Education Administration