Level Tuition Plan

The Level Tuition Plan (LTP) allows first semester freshmen to “lock in” on one tuition rate for four consecutive years, or for eight consecutive semesters. The LTP is open to new, first-time, full-time, undergraduate freshmen. This is an optional plan. Under LTP, students will pay a slightly higher rate for the first year, but stays the same for all four years as regular tuition increases.

Level Tuition Plan covers block tuition (12-18 credit hours per semester). Students who register for more than 18 credit hours will be charged at a per credit hour rate based on the overload tuition rate. University fees and room and board are not included in the plan and are subject to change.

Students attending summer classes will be charged a per credit hour rate based on the prevailing summer tuition. **Students who drop from full-time to part-time will no longer be charged at the fixed tuition rate and will be charged the regular tuition rate at that time.

Level Tuition Rates

SemesterAmount Per SemesterAmount Per Year
Freshman entering Fall 2022 $17,950 $35,900
Freshman entering Fall 2021 $17,450 $34,900
Freshman entering Fall 2020 $17,100 $34,200
Freshman entering Fall 2019 $16,800 $33,600