Let Grad School Begin!

Let Grad School Begin!

Only a few short weeks ago, I walked across the stage at Niagara University as an undergraduate student. While everyone else high-fived and cheered as they celebrated their success and repeatedly shouted, “We made it!” I sat there quietly in my chair, looking around at my classmates and peers with tears in my eyes as I realized that the past four years were over. I couldn’t believe that after that day, I would officially be a college graduate!

Where did the past four years go? How could they have possibly passed by so quickly?

As I reflect back on the time I spent on campus as an NU undergraduate, I am extremely grateful for the way in which Niagara has truly become such an integral aspect of my life. I have not only received an excellent education that has prepared me in endless ways for my career as an educator, but have also been blessed to make lifelong friends that soon turned to family over the years, and that have filled my heart with memories that will last nothing short of a lifetime, to say the least. 

It would be impossible to sum up all the special qualities that make Niagara such a great place, so to keep it short...I’ll just say that I love it so much that I have decided to stay!

I have chosen to remain a student, or shall I say, a Purple Eagle, at Niagara as I work toward achieving my master’s degree in literacy instruction (B-6), beginning in the fall of 2015. Words cannot express how excited I am to have the opportunity to further my education at an institution that I am confident will best prepare me for my future endeavors and experiences in the field of education!

I recently started a new position as a graduate assistant in the College of Education and am truly looking forward to the upcoming academic year as I will continue to work within the Graduate Education Office and begin my first semester of courses in literacy instruction!

I didn’t think things at Niagara could get any better ... but so far, so good! Niagara continues to open my eyes to new experiences, ideas and challenges, and I look forward to all of the winding roads and open doors that are ahead as I begin a new journey as a graduate student at Niagara!