Legacy Families

Niagara Legacy Families - Scholarship Opportunities!

Niagara University takes great pride in the long standing tradition it shares with generations of families who call NU their alma mater. Legacy families are undergraduate students and alumni whose families, including parents, grandparents and/or siblings, attended or currently attend Niagara University.

For the generations of families whose legacies include a Niagara University graduate, we are proud to offer new scholarship opportunities. Starting in fall 2020, our Alumni Legacy Scholarships will be awarded to qualified students who have a parent, stepparent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, and/or sibling that graduated from Niagara University.

Qualified legacy students will receive a $1,000 per year scholarship, and those with top academic credentials are eligible for one of five $5,000 Legacy Scholarships. If more than one student from a legacy family enrolls and attends Niagara at the same time, each siblings' scholarship will be increased to $2,000. (Total award cannot exceed $26,000 when combined with other institutional aid.)

Other Benefits:

  • Priority application review
  • Legacy family orientation welcome (held during New Student Orientation)
  • Guaranteed internship after completion of our Pathways program.
  • $100 book award (for first year only)

More Scholarship Opportunities:

  • Eagle Experience: https://www.niagara.edu/eagle-experience-scholarship/
  • Out of State: Niagara University offers out of state scholarships in the following states/areas: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New England states, and Connecticut. This is a $2,000 scholarship for 4 years and also a $200 book voucher for the first year. 
  • Learn more about other available scholarships by clicking here
  • For admissions information, please go to www.niagara.edu/admissions