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Learning New Cultures and Trying New Things

Learning New Cultures and Trying New Things

Hello, my friends!

I am a tourism destination management and Spanish major. I love traveling and, in high school, I studied abroad in Rosario, Argentina, for six months. Next summer, I will be traveling to South America again, but to Peru this time.

I am a representative in NUSGA for the Class of 2018, a member of the Spanish Club and have a job at Dwyer Arena. I also helped start the throwing portion of the club track-and-field team last spring, and I will be continuing that also. I love staying busy and meeting new people, so I take every opportunity I can.

My family was a host family for many students before I studied abroad, and I have worked with many international students since then. I know how important it is to feel welcome in a new place and to not be alone.

I want to make sure that others feel welcome when they come to the United States. One of my biggest goals in life is to encourage Americans to travel outside of their comfort zone. They are so accustomed to their lifestyle that they do not understand that there is a whole other world out there. I also love learning about new cultures and trying new things no matter how scary they are.

As an international student, if you would like to be connected with peer mentors like me, please send email to the International Relations Office at! Also, stay updated on the latest activities for international students and peer mentors by hitting "Like" for the NU International Students Facebook page!

Below are pictures of me with my international friends!

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