Kim Vona presenting to community business owners on social media in Principles of Management Class.

This minor prepares students for crucial roles as leaders in their organizations, communities and society. Students in any college can complete the interdisciplinary minor in leadership by taking six courses, by participating in a service-learning project, and by engaging in campus life activities. The leadership minor translates theory into practice and stresses motivation, teamwork, ethics, experiential activities and analytical activities across different disciplines within the university.

First, students are provided with an introduction to leadership concepts within a Principles of Management course. Then, the students participate in experiential activities in a Leadership and Teamwork course. They receive courses that include a strong grounding in ethics and critical thinking skills. This is followed by another course that focuses on experiential learning, which could include an internship experience. Finally, the leadership capstone course ties together previous course work in an interdisciplinary framework with discussions of timeless issues of leadership, motivation and culture in history and literature, and the application of those issues to current societal problems.

Course Requirements