Latin American Studies Courses

Latin American Studies Minor

3 required courses: LAS 100 or LAS 200 or LAS 300 (taught in English) and two courses in Spanish language (any level)
3 elective courses chosen from the following list (for Spanish majors and Spanish EDU with a Spanish concentration: a maximum of THREE courses inside the Spanish major or concentration may count toward the LAS minor):

  • LAS 100: Introduction to Latin American Studies (offered every fall)
  • LAS 200: Soccer and Popular Culture in Latin America (NEW course offered every spring)
  • LAS 201: Latin American Art
  • SPA 426: Teaching Assistantship
  • LAS 205: Afro-Latino Culture
  • LAS 300: Special Topics in Latin American Studies - Ecuador and Galápagos trip (NEW course offered every spring)
  • LAS 493, 494, 495, 496 Co-op/Internship
  • ENG 348: Ethnography and Travel Writing
  • SPA 200: Hispanic Women Writers in Translation
  • SPA 307: Civilization and Culture of Latin America (taught in Spanish)
  • HIS 379: Modern Latin America
  • CMS 354: International Communication (Latin America)
  • POL 378: Politics and Society of Latin America
  • POL 398: Special Topics (Field-based intensive course in Cuba only)
  • SPA 319: Special Topics in Hispanic Cinema (taught in Spanish)
  • SPA 401: Independent Research (Latin America)
  • SPA 415 Latin American Travel Writing (in Spanish)
  • SPA 421 The Short Story Tradition in Latin America (in Spanish)