Late Nite Niagara

Friday nights have never been better!

Late Nite Niagara actively promotes a vibrant campus culture by collaborating with students and members of the university community to provide enjoyable, innovative and positive alternative programming for students.

The Campus Programming Board (a number of students as well as departments within Student Affairs) are key participants in the planning and implementation process, which provides valuable leadership and learning experiences. Late Nite Niagara is committed to providing consistent late night programming to the Niagara University community.


Late Nite Niagara Goals

  1. Create places for students to gather and socialize during late night hours.
  2. Establish late night programming as part of the campus culture.
  3. Incorporate traditional programs into a broader late night programming initiative.
  4. Develop new programs that broaden the experiences of students.
  5. Build excitement on campus in order to build a stronger Niagara community.
  6. Collaborate with students, student organizations, faculty, staff and other university departments, and encourage all of these groups to share special areas of expertise and talent.
  7. Encourage student involvement and leadership.

See You at Late Nite!

Have an idea for Late Nite? Want to team up on a program? Contact the Office of Campus Activities staff!