Dr. Debra Colley, dean of Niagara's College of Education, is part of a five-person NU contingent spending time in Vietnam to recruit students and expand the university's presence overseas.

Lasting Memory

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I leave Vietnam with the warmth of the people in my heart and the beauty of the country in my memory.  

We met many new colleagues and laid the foundation for partnerships with P-12 schools, university schools of education, and the Ministry of Home Affairs, among others.

Similar to our work in the United States, educational reform and the preparation of educational leaders who can “lead” this reform is in the forefront of the discussion in Vietnam.

I leave with this picture of a child on a warm day — our global understanding does begin with children — and I am reminded that children from around the world are quite similar in many ways.

On a very warm day, all of our children will smile while they enjoy the cool sweetness of their culture's version of ice cream.  We can learn so much from each other when we embrace the simple smiles that extend across language, culture and history.