Program Information

Twelve major courses and eight advised electives are required for liberal arts majors, in addition to Niagara University’s general education requirements. Students may select from several major options which include individually designed majors as well as predesigned model majors based on their interests.

Liberal Arts Proposal

All students wishing to pursue a individualized liberal arts major or model major must complete a major proposal upon entering or applying to the program. The proposal helps to define the major, guide advisement and provide an opportunity to reflect upon career opportunities. Review the Liberal Arts proposal guidelines for additional information.

Designing a Liberal Arts Major

Liberal Arts majors may combine two or three disciplines selected from the College of Arts and Sciences' majors and minors programs. Students following a two-discipline track will complete six courses in one discipline and five in a second one, plus the capstone course. Those who combine three disciplines must take five courses in one discipline and three courses in each of the second and third ones. At least two of the major courses must be at the 300 or 400 level (not including the capstone course).

2 Discipline Track

3 Discipline Track

6 Courses in Discipline A 5 Courses in Discipline A
5 Courses in Discipline B 3 Courses in Discipline B
LAM 499 Senior Seminar 3 Courses in Discipline C
LAM 499 Senior Seminar

For a copy of the curriculum card, locate liberal arts in the undergraduate program guide.

Liberal Arts Senior Seminar

The only common course required of all Liberal Arts majors is the capstone course taken during the senior year. The capstone experience of the program is the completion of either LAM 499 or LAM 403/404. The LAM 499 is generally an independent study project with a faculty member in one of the disciplines used in the major. Students produce a 20-page research project that synthesizes their disciplinary studies to solve a problem, answer a question, or address a theme related to their studies or career pursuits.

Upon successful completion of the thesis, students are required to submit a copy to the Liberal Arts advisor.