Niagara University is very excited to introduce Kindercamp. Kindercamp is an academically based summer camp designed specifically for young children entering kindergarten in September. Kindercamp will include developmentally appropriate learning experiences and activities that build upon and strengthen skills necessary for kindergarten.

Kindercamp children will be introduced to classroom routine including listening skills, following directions, taking turns, individual responsibility and more.

Kindercamp will also include school- readiness activities such as, language arts skills including name identification, letter and sound recognition, vocabulary and communication. Children will also work on skills such as cutting with scissors as well as using shapes to make pictures. 

The final day of Kindercamp a short parent information session will be held. Parents will be provided with information regarding kindergarten registration- what is needed at their individual school districts, school readiness activities to continue with their child throughout the summer as well as information regarding kindergarten curriculum and learning standards.