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John Lynch Society

Lynch Society LogoAlumni, parents and friends who make leadership commitments to Niagara receive special recognition for their generosity by being named members of the John Lynch Society, the university’s leadership gift club.

The Inspiration

Father John J. Lynch was an Irish Vincentian priest who came to the United States in 1840 to do missionary work. In 1856, he was called upon to help select an appropriate site for a seminary to train priests in Western New York. Father Lynch’s efforts resulted in the founding of Our Lady of Angels, later to become Niagara University.

As the first fundraiser for the university, Father Lynch was able to secure the necessary monies to purchase the property at Monteagle Ridge. Later, when the mortgage came due, he found the additional dollars to assure the continuation of the school and the Vincentian tradition he held so dear. Niagara University recognizes the benefactors who follow in Father Lynch’s footsteps by including them in a society that bears his name.

Membership in the John Lynch Society

Gifts to the John Lynch Society must be received by May 31. All gifts made within the fiscal year are counted – including gifts to the Niagara Fund, endowment, and Purple & White, as well as matching gifts from employers. Lynch Society membership is based on giving at least $1,000 annually.

Our Most Valued Donors

As a member of the John Lynch Society, you can expect special communication about the status of the university, exclusive invitations to select campus and regional events, as well as year-round accountability regarding the use of your gift.

Niagara University would like to acknowledge the following current members of the Lynch Society:

Athletic Department

Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund

Basilian Fathers of Christ the King

Benevity Community Impact Fund

Carbon County Bar Association

Cardamone Chiropractic

Cassidy-CUNY Reducing Revocations Grant

Clarke & I.M. Consulting Associates, LLC

Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

Congregation of the Mission, Eastern Province

Deloitte & Touche LLP

Deloitte Foundation

DePaul University

Elbers Landscape Service, Inc.

Empire Merchants North, LLC

Ernst & Young Foundation

Exxon Mobil Foundation, Inc.

Fazzari & Partners LLP

Fidelity Charity Investments

Forest Contractors LTD

Gabriele & Berrigan, PC

Galway Bay Foundation, Inc.

Home Team Pub, Inc.

J. Crew Group, Inc.

Jill and Jay Bernstein Family Foundation

Karen and Bryan Richardson Charitable Fund

Kathleen Barry Fund

Kenneth R. Glaser Fund

Key Bank Foundation

Kimmins Terrier Foundation, Inc.


Lawrence Castellani Family Foundation

Liberty Mutual

Lincoln Moving and Storage of Buffalo, Inc.

Lynn Law Firm LLP

M&T Bank

M&T Bank Charitable Foundation

Maid of the Mist Corporation

Merani Hotel Group

Merck Company Foundation

Metz Culinary Management

Mother Cabrini Health Foundation

National Grid

Niagara Golf Partners LLC

Niagara Shares

Paulus Development

Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation

Peter J. and Sephanie J. Nolan Fund

Pino Family Trust

Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry

Raymond James Charitable

RCC Media

Revolution Capital

Schwab Charitable Fund

Sleep Insights Management Services, LLC

Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits Charitable Fund

Supermarket Liquors & Wines Inc.

The Catholic Community Foundation of Long Island

The Dwyer Family Foundation, Inc.

The Finn Family Foundation

The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo

The M & S Charitable Giving Fund

The Marshall and Michele Schwartz Charitable Fund

The Taylor Family Foundation

UBS Financial Services

Uniland Development Corporation

United Way of Greater Niagara

USA Payroll

Verizon Foundation

Vincent and Harriet Palisano Foundation

Williamson, Clune & Stevens

WNY Foreign Trade Zones Operators, Inc.

WTS, Inc

Brian P., '67, Hon. 05, and Dr. Frances Stevralia Crosby, '67+

Dr. Irene J. Elia, '53

William T., '61, Hon. 07, and Nancy Gacioch

Robert Heindel

Pamela Jacobs Vogt

Muriel F. McGinnis*

Thomas E. and Paula McInerney

Larry A. and Mary Montani

Carl J. Sr. and Carol Montante

Kathleen Cichy, '69, and Brian Mylod, '68

Dale M. Cavanaugh, '67, and Edward Nelson

Michael J., '88, and Carolyn Marcoux Nicholson, '91

Peter J., '80, and Stephanie Nolan

Thomas M., '72, Hon. 09, and Patricia O'Brien

Sean O'Connor

Arthur M. Powers, MA '57*

John A., '86, and Mary Rieger

Christopher D., '82, and Mary Lawley Ross, '82

Judith Quigley Ruse, '69

Russell J. Salvatore

Dr. Thomas A., '84, and Jennifer Summers

John F. Walsh, '43*

Kathleen Walsh and Gene Bernstein

Dr. Peter C. and Paris Yesawich

Charles R., '52, and Elizabeth Zavitz


Robert J., '77, and Susan Freel Alexander


James M. III, '77, and Carol Bedard

Jacqueline Joseph Birmingham, '60

Dennis F., '74, and Jean Blake

James L., '71, and Lauretta Byrne

Martin F. Sr., '78, and Cathleen Byrne

Patrick J., '73, and Margot Byrne

Richard J. and Stephanie Byrne

Thomas B., '75, and Kathleen Byrne

Timothy J., '85, and Margaret Byrne

Terry M., '80, and Paula Lindstrom Byrne

Larry P. and Joan Castellani

Robert J. Castellani, '64

Kevin J., '73, and Kathryn Hourihan Clarke, '73

Rev. Edward A. Colohan*

Michael W., '76, and Mary Bermel de la Montaigne, '75

Robert J., '65, and Concetta Micale Dwyer, '65

Robert B., '75, Hon. 06, and Lynda Engel

Jeanne C. Corcoran, MS '71,* and E. John Finn, , Hon. 87

Dr. Marilyn Chandler Ford

Joseph A., '71, and Patricia Genovese

Kenneth R. Glaser, '60

James V., '57, Hon. 85, and Mary Gallagher Glynn

John Heindel

Eugene R., '80, and Denise Johnson

Marjorie Jones*

Eugenia LaRusch*

Francis P., '55, Hon. 84, and Barbara Layden

Catherine A. Lyons, '75

Paul E. Jr., '81, and Julianne Grawehr O'Leary, '83

Howard Pettys

B. Michael Rinella, '70

John R., '75, Hon. 11, and Karen Glasser Sanderson, '75

John V. Jr., '78, and Kristy Simon

Ben R., '81, and Kathleen Coman Tarantino, '80

Patricia H. Taylor

Thomas F., '85, and Joanne Taylor

Michael L., '83, and Janice Vitch

Dr. Francis J. II, '65, and Patricia Waller

Edward M., '76, and Kathleen Hooley Warnke, '77

Carolann K. Andrews

Susan K. Bedard

Jeffrey J. and Leah Bethke

Timothy J. and Deborah Bobo

Dona M. Buszka

T. Christopher, '77, and Helen Castellani

Samual J., '63, and Marianne Civiletto

Robert J., '66, and Judith Daino

Margaret Ranft, '77, and John Day

George E., '68, and Ellen Brosnan Durstin, '68

Frank Fazzari

Frank A., '85, and Mary Fiannaca

Thomas J., '81, and Susan Flannery

Carol Gibbons

Mary Jane C. Grajewski, '73, and Benton Gross

Samuel M., '70, and Cherie Gullo

Hon. Charles J., '58, and Marion Hannigan

James S. Hart, '69

Michael J., '76, and Suzanne Kowalczyk Hogan, '76

Joseph P. III, '70, and Susann Kirlin

Peter G. Klem Jr., '44*

Barbara L. Laughlin, , Hon. 94

Dr. David and Dawn Mauro

Patrick A., '68, and Kathleen Barry Monti, '70

Richard F. Moore, '74

Stephen K. Orr

LTC E. Gary, '70, and Rita Pasierb

Dr. Gary D. and Carol Praetzel

Walter V., '63, and Judith Chiodo Ptasiuk, '64

Edward D., '71, and Julie Riedlinger

John P., '77, and Barbara Rumschik

Alice M. Sulik, '52

Rocco Sr., '77, and Deborah Rindo Surace, '79

Catherine Thomson*

Dr. Joan E. Thornton, '80

Galliano Tiberini

Dr. John A. Ulatowski, '75

Franklin K. Wald, '76

Arnold Zimmer

Dr. Alayne A. Mercier Adams, '59

George N. Alexiou, '80

Carl F. Ambuske, '69



Donald G., MS '71, and Joann Longinott Armstrong, MS '76

Col. Robert M., '66, and Margaret Baldau Asiello, '67

Edward J., '74, and Linda Baehr

Thomas E. Baker*

John S., '73, and Patricia Barsanti

Peter J. Barto Jr.

Paul J. Barto, '75

Mary B. McCarthy, '89, and James Basil

James M. Beardsley

Virgina A. Bedard

Kelly G., '83, and Kim Schindler Besaw, '83

Joseph L. Jr., '58, and Barbara Black

Rudy and Sharon Boleslav

Dr. Henrik Borgstrom+ and Donna DeCarolis

Kathleen L. Branigan, '73, and Richard Egan

Hubert J., '55, and Claire Manning Brown, '59

John D., '72, and Claire Burke

Charles F., '91, and Carol Burkwit

Kimberly A. Van Deweghe Burkwit, '91

Dr. Vincent Callanan and Cheryl Kemp Klass, '77

Ronald R. Campbell, '66

Christopher O. Carey, '70

Kevin P., '70, and Deolinda DeSousa Carey, '70

Dr. Jamie M. Carr+

Rev. Michael J. Carroll, '73

Scott C. and Shelly Case

W. Michael, '80, and Carol Moeller Cassell, '79

Dr. Ronald F., '67, and Arlene Cheff

Charles W., '76, and Sandra Whissel Chiampou, '76

Tammy Yacobucci, '90, and Dr. Kevin Cleary

Thomas F., '73, and Betty Clogher

JoAnn G. Guardalibene Clune, '58

Gerald M., '69, and Margaret Conboy

Rosemarie S. Selgas, '70, and John Cordes

Pietro Cortellucci

Christopher R., '93, and Yun Coyer

Anthony C., '69, and Vicki Crescenzi

Joseph J. Crotty

Mary Ann Kumro, '55, and Col. George Crowe, '54

Kevin and Kristen Culkin

Col. Kenneth E., '63, and Alice Cuneo

Dr. Deborah Tallman, '84,+ and Scott Curtis

Ellen J. Daly, '77

Peter J., '53, and Joan Damick

Maureen H. Hoag, '74, and Jeffrey Dann, '74

Robert J., '83, and Nancy Dann

William J., '57, and Marilyn Darmody

Dr. James J.+ and Sarah Delaney

John D., '56, and Patti DeVincentis

Rev. Michael L. Diskin, '70

John Dobbertin, '96

Joseph J., '61, and Janice Donlon

Mary R. Donnelly

Christine K. Remza, '90, and Mike Duffy

Dr. Robert C., '87, and Dr. Carolyn Dukarm

Diane Myrdek Dwire, '68

Andrew M., '73, and Deborah Eassa

Michael W., '69, and Kathryn Kempf Edwards, '69

Walter J., '59, and Mary Jo Cofrancesco Engels, '61

Joyce E. Fink

Kevin B. Fiske, '85

Michael J., '61,* and Sheila Supples Flaherty, '63

Vincent D. Jr., '88, and Amanda Fibbe Flaherty, '87

Rev. Patrick S. Flanagan, '87

William H. Jr., '69, and Joanne Frank

Dr. Gregory L., '81, and Nancy French

Rocco J. Frenzilli III, '70, and Katherine Mercier

Mark J., '84, and Michelle Gabriele

Mark G., '76, and Susan Gatley

Eugene L., '54, and Frances Gazza

Thomas J. Gibbons, '72, and Linda Siple

F. James, '70, and Judith Ginnane

Christopher M., '85, and Michelle Blackley Glynn

Elizabeth A. Burke Goolsby, '69

Hon. Jerome C., '58, and Janet Gorski

Allan J. Gray, '70

Dennis J., '76, and Deborah Graziano

Dr. John D., '69, and Carol Cole Greene, '69

William F., '70, and Dorothy Vogt Griffin, '70

Dr. Roberta J. Guibord, '87

Gary P. and Fran Hall

Col. (Ret.) Kevin F., '67, and Julie Atwood Harrington

Patricia Griffin, '79, and William Hayles

Ted P. Heim Sr., '57

Carol B. Bluey, '78, and Timothy Herder

Daniel F. Holland

Karen L. Siembida, '84, and David Howard

Dr. Carlos R., '79, and Diane Morasse Jaen, '80

Fred M. Jelinek, '67, and Anne Hodges

Donald V., '64, and Doris Jellig

Christian Johnson

Margaret M. Breier Joynt, '62

James T., '70, and Gerry Keefe

Jessica A. Kemp, '03

Patrick J., '64, and Christine Kennedy

Dr. James A.+ and Patsy Kling

Thomas A. Kolp, '67

Mary Ellen Korndoerfer, '73

Richard J., '55, and Irene Kossmann

John K. Krajewski, '81, and Judith Steiner

Martin A., '79, and Sandy Kroll

Jeff S., MS '77, and Sharon Kulik

James LaBuda

Carolyn L. Morris Lambert, '62

Sharyn Lammers

Jeff and Kathy Lawton

Lawrence Losty

Bruce K. Mackie, '83

Ellen R. Maher, '72

Rev. James J. Maher, C.M.+

James L. Jr., '70, and Rosemary Malfetti

Dr. Salvatore J., '87, and Lisa Manente

Michael F. Manzulli, '62

Joseph V., '76, and Frances Medico Maro, '76

Paul E., '80, and Wanda Buda Maxwell, '79

Gregory R., '70, and Allyson Cottier McGinn, '70

William J., '49, and Bernice McLaughlin

Paul M., '65, Hon. 02, and Doerte McManus

Dr. Gerald C. Mead Jr., , Hon. 20

James P., '70, and Sheilagh Menzies

Faisal Merani and Lindsay DiCosimo-Merani

Thomas P., '76, and Lisa Mimnaugh

Mary Helen+ and Michael Miskuly

John C. Jr., '65, and Julian Mohney

Melinda S. Mooney

Rita K. Karcher, '61, and John Moore

Barbara L. Moran

Stephen Mucchetti

Kenneth Myszka

Chris R. Newell, '96

Thuy T. Ngo, MBA '19

Daniel O., '67, and Cheryl O'Connor

Alfonso R., '68, and Marianne Oddo

Rev. Vincent J. O'Malley, MA '80

Linus L. Ormsby Jr., MS '88

Kevin W. O'Shea, '90

Mary Ann McClean O'Sullivan, '64

John T. Overbeck, '75

Salvatore A. Pace, '61

Timothy J., '85, and Sally Palisano

Matthew R. and Susan Paulus

LTC Scott J. Pautz, '80

Dr. Steven Petersen+

Dominic C., '70, and Sharon Pino

Mary M. Power

Peter, '88, and Kate Prager

Edward J. Reagan, '83, and Karen Welch

Dr. Robert P. Jr., '89, and Christine Reeves

Maureen Mooney, '70, and Russell Reid

Bryan D., '80, and Karen Richardson

Arthur B. Roberts, '78

Theresa Mazzone Roberts, '79

Col. Richard M., '52, and Kathleen Rodney

Dr. Bonnie F. Rose

Thomas R., '70, and Donna Ruane

Richard F. Ruhl, '75

George C. Jr., '72, and Joanne Lawless Ruotolo, '72

John M. Ruse, '69

Mark J., '72, and Martha McGrann Ryan, '73

Sheri A. Ryan

Rita Granados, '70, and Gary Salvatore, '70

Philip J., '67, and Mary Donovan Schulz, '67

Joseph R., '83, and Debora Schum

Michele C. Walker, '70, and Marshall Schwartz

Rosemary Gibbons, '70, and Dr. Yogesh Shah

Joseph O. Jr., '79, and Mary Kathryn Shanahan

William P., '74, and Claudia Zink Shannon, '74

Margaret Shaw

Dr. Peter A. Siedlecki, '60, and Lynnette Sielecki

Kathleen H. Hillman Simmons, '82

Michele S. Simmons Smith, '85

Hon. Martin E., '67, and Mary Kleinhans Smith, '68

Mary Ann Daly Soligon, '66

Col. Paul F., '57, and Carole Somerville

Dr. Thomas C., '64, and Sharon Lutz Stevens, '66

Dr. John B., '59,+ and Albertine Maurice Stranges, '80

Lynn K. Haefner Sullivan, '65

Craig W. Sussillo, '68

George T., '82, and Cathy Sweeney

Matthew G. Talarico, '02

Michael and Nicole Tevlin

Linda Heckel, '70, and James Tiani, '68

Anne P. Towey

Joyce A. Uebelhoer, '68, and Thomas Tracey

Martha E. Morgan, '88, and Anthony Troia

Jim A., '65, and Salli Tuozzolo

Dr. Rheal P., '65, and Denise Turcotte

Mary Lynne Welch Turner, '81

Eugene J. Tylenda, '50

Rosalie Fink Tyrrell-Puccio, '68, and Luis Puccio

Dr. John F., '75, and Donna Van Schaick

Roger F. VanDyke, '89, and Jane Kelly

Mary Lauzau Vescio, '70

John R., '70, and Christine Vitale

LTC (Ret) Richard J. Walsh, '58

Robert T. Waters, '70

Robert G., '71, and Maureen Grant Wellner, '71

Diane M. Murphy, '82, and Ben Wells

Eileen C. Whalen, '77, and Robert Heilig

James F., '72, and Antoinette Wheeler

James P., '69, and Patricia Wheeler

Francis M., '65, and Marie Williams

Lisa V. Williams+

BG Robert J. Winzinger Sr., '66

Charles E. Wright Sr., '62

Paul C., '73, and Robin Wyand

Laura Montante Zaepfel

Robert L. Zajac, '80

Richard E., '66, and Deborah Ziegler

Joseph Zielinski

Donald F., '60, and Gail Zorn