Internship Success - Enterprise Holdings

by Kristofer Davis-Taylor on January 21, 2019
Internship Success - Enterprise Holdings

Kris Davis-Taylor, pictured far left, interned at Enterprise Holdings this past summer and currently interns part-time during the school year. Upon his graduation, Kris will start working at Enterprise full-time.

How did you secure the opportunity?

Applying through indeed and following up in a timely manner. Preparing myself for all three interviews to dress and act in a professional manner. 

What did you do on a daily basis?

My day to day would change almost everyday and I was placed in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment where one mistake could derail not only you but your fellow employees. I, as well as my co-workers were responsible for the running of the Niagara Falls Branch and its three satellite offices. These satellite offices were in the Niagara Falls international Airport, Carubba Collision and Car Star Collision. My duties were to rent cars to customers who has reserved them whilst providing the best possible customer service. We were constantly tasked with making sure we were managing our fleet to both meet customer needs as well as the needs of our accounts. This would include checking return lists, updating car status (are they in the shop or are they at another location), moving cars that needed oil changes down to the proper facilities, checking flight times and moving cars to the airport, checking fuel and mileage to properly gauge a car's condition before renting it and many other things in that category. Customer service is our way of life at Enterprise and I did everything I could every day to uphold those values.

Most importantly, what did you learn?

The internship program had a great impact on my course studies in the sense that I got to take classroom knowledge to the real world and I found that very interesting. The program was designed specifically to develop the interns into leaders of the company as Enterprise only hires within. This being said I was tasked with a developmental tracking log called a road map for the entirety of my internship. This road map contained fill in the blank questions and tasks that I was to find and answer each week. These included questions on how I should calculate my sales percentages, how I should handle a new account, or establishing if we are meeting the business needs of our largest accounts. The really cool part of this is when we went to a new account that had never done business with Enterprise before. My branch manager and I stopped by their office one afternoon and after a long discussion and marketing ourselves to them, they would then tell us we would become their exclusive source of rental vehicles. I found this very cool as I watched concepts and techniques learned in class not only transfer to real business but to do so successfully.

What advice do you have for future students?

Upon securing an internship, work hard because hard work is rewarded. You may never know what people you will meet and when you will meet them but they could be the most important connection you make in your career. People I worked with on a day to day basis ended up being very high in the company and they saw how hard I would work. I now have a full time job offer at the end of my school year and part time work while I am still in school. 

How did NU's Office of Career Services help you?

Career services helped me make my resume interview ready. The very helpful team worked with me to critically analyze each aspect of my resume to where I could be ready to hand it to any employer. In addition to the help I received on my resume, they also prepared me for the interview process through practice interviews. This was especially helpful because I feel it has improved my interview skills exponentially, to the point where I feel confident I can sell myself to any employer. To any student reading this, utilize career services to its fullest because services like this are expensive in the real world and are so beneficial to you and your career.