Internship Success - Arcara Zucarelli Lenda & Associates

by Cassandra Siwy on June 17, 2019
Internship Success - Arcara Zucarelli Lenda & Associates

Graduating a semester early in December 2020, Cassie Siwy is on her way toward a successful career as a CPA, working as an auditor or forensic accountant. After working at Arcara Zucarelli Lenda & Associates as a payroll audit intern, she was offered a part-time job, but is eager to pursue other opportunities to diversify her skill set and resume.

How did you secure the opportunity?

I applied through Handshake: The Get Hired Portal and interviewed on campus in Career Services. The company called me back for a second interview with the managers and offered me the position on the spot. 

What did you do on a daily basis?

I completed in-house payroll audits and helped with on-site audits. We analyzed payroll information to confirm that the hours worked matched what was being reported by the company. I wrote reports for each audit I performed with my findings.

Most importantly, what did you learn?

With this being my first internship, I finally got a taste of what it is like in the real world. In auditing specifically, not everyone is the nicest. It was hard to learn how to work with people who were not always compliant and respectful of our job. I had to learn how to be assertive in a professional manner. This was a big step in my educational and professional career as it taught me how to step outside my comfort zone and be confident in what I am doing.

What advice do you have for future students?

Go to every event hosted by your department or Career Services and take advantage of what Career Services has to offer students and alumni. Practice speaking with professionals and getting your name and face out there. People will remember you!

How did NU's Office of Career Services help you?

Career Services has been extremely helpful in my two years at Niagara. As a sophomore, I have already been offered two internships! They helped me through the whole process, from creating my resume to prepping me for interviews to thanking the employers afterwards. I would be lost without the staff at Career Services and I am so thankful for their help.