Internship & Full-Time Success - The Clorox Company

by Madeline Dallessandro on September 8, 2020
Internship & Full-Time Success - The Clorox Company

Madeline Dallessandro MBA, '21 and B.S. '20 from Grand Island, N.Y. secured an internship during the summer of 2020 with The Clorox Company on the Burt's Bees Unit as their sales planning analyst intern. After her internship, she received a full-time offer as a Sales Analyst on the same unit.

How did you secure the opportunity?

The Clorox Company recruiting event held at Niagara.

What did you do on a daily basis?

As a sales planning intern, I engaged “Our People as Business Owners” by developing capabilities to promote growth and gather data across a wide variety of platforms including IRI, Numerator, and Profitero to develop reports to monitor business performance and key trends. I also learned to analyze this data in order to identify new opportunities and proactively communicate with teams. I helped manage projects assigned to a category/brand to help support and organize sales input processes for the business plan release. I used various tools, processes and resources available to support the customer organization at Clorox as well as developing my final project.

Most importantly, what did you learn?

I learned to work with category and cross-functional teams, support sales input processes for innovation projects, and support the execution of business plans and category reporting to achieve and monitor results, influence internal partners, work through others and become skilled at learning to read and interpret various analytical reports. I also learned how a Fortune 500 company responds to a national pandemic especially as the majority of our products are so high in demand.

What advice do you have for future students?

The advice I would give to students as they begin to look for internships or job opportunities would be to be open to any employer/company looking to hire because career paths can change at any time and new opportunities can arise when someone least expects it.

If you have worked with Career Services, how have they helped you?

Career Services has been a huge help to me as they worked with me one on one to develop the perfect resume and cover letter to assist with my career goals. I know I can go to Career Services with any question relating to job opportunities and the employees will be more than happy to help me.