International Fees, Scholarships & Grants

International Tuition & Fees

International students will be eligible for the same tuition and fees and scholarship opportunities as domestic students, based on WES evaluations. See below for international scholarship opportunities and for more detailed information on awards.

First-Year Students

Students who have not taken any post-secondary courses

For native English speakers, merit-based scholarships, achievement awards and grants for incoming first-year students are based on your cumulative high school average. Please submit SAT or ACT scores if you have taken them as they may increase your eligibility. Please contact us if you have questions pertaining to standardized test requirements.  

All merit-based scholarships, achievement awards and grants are for each of your four years at NU, providing you maintain full-time status and the required quality point average. All you need to do is make application and submit results from either the SAT or ACT.

Enhanced Trustees recipients will be chosen at the Niagara University Invitational Scholarship Competition program and may receive up to an additional $5,000.

Transfer Students:

Students who have taken post-secondary courses

  • After official translated and evaluated transcripts are received, in accordance with our policy, entering students are eligible for scholarships and grants based on their full-time (or equivalent) cumulative grade point average on the U.S. scale.

Contact Niagara University's Office of Admissions for more information about eligibility requirements for the international grants and scholarships. Please note that merit and transfer scholarships are available for undergraduate study ONLY. They are not available for students in graduate programs.