International Experience

International Experience

by Angela Addo on January 22, 2015
International Experience

Wow, it’s been five months - and the longest I have ever been away from home! Most of this five-month period has been spent on the beautiful campus of Niagara University, pursuing an MBA degree and experiencing a new culture.

I’m Angela, from Ghana in the west of Africa. Ghana is a tropical country with an average annual temperature of about 79 F (26 C). And, yes, this is my first winter and I’m very much glad to experience it (well, not really, let’s see how it goes though, #HOPEFUL). As an international student at NU, I have been asked a number of questions a couple of times, which include:

  • Why an international education?
  • Why NU?
  • How do you find living and studying on the Niagara University campus? (I'll answer this question in a later blog.)

To answer the first question, I kind of resolved to pursue my master’s degree off the shores of Ghana in my second year of undergrad, which is my sophomore year. I made this decision not because pursuing my master’s degree in Ghana would have been a bad idea.

There are great schools in Ghana, one of which I am an alumna, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), where I pursued a bachelor’s degree in actuarial science. I believe an international educational experience will first of all open up greater and more opportunities for me in the job market. That is to say, it would enhance my career opportunities as employers look very highly on international experience.

There is also the aspect of getting to see the world from a different perspective and experiencing new things. I also wanted a change in the style of education. I had friends who got the opportunity to travel abroad for education and sharing their experience with me fueled my desire to experience it too. I’m very elated I got the opportunity to experience it as well at Niagara University. Oh! There are other personal reasons, too.

Why Niagara University? Well that is very easy to answer and I’m sure other students here will side with me on that. The application requirement is quite simple: check it out. Once every document required is sent in to the admissions committee, you are notified within a few days concerning your application status.

NU’s core values are worth committing to. Another reason that drew me to NU is the flexibility of the MBA program. You have the choice of picking classes on Saturdays or weekday. Having had my bachelor’s degree in actuarial science, I was also fascinated by the insurance and risk management course, which was part of the MBA concentration. If you are a prospective graduate student, don’t miss this chance of a great education. Take a look at the graduate admissions site and make a decision. I have not regretted making my decision.

Spring semester has just begun! I'm looking forward to a wonderful semester (can’t say that about the cold though!). Stay warm!