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International Executive Development

We are honored to participate in the faculty training program this summer in your university. We are writing to extend our sincere gratitude to Dr. Tenpao Lee, Dr. Deborah T. Curtis, Dr. Yonghong Tong, Ms. Melissa Hooper and Mrs. Xiaoyu Luo. Abundant thanks to these professors and staff members for their patience, expertise and genuine concern; they provided references and inspiration for our future teaching and researching. We learned a lot from this program through experiencing diverse teaching methods, and we also collected some useful information for teaching and research. Apart from studying and training, we enjoyed the local culture and realized the pleasure of practicing what we learned. We would also like to thank Dr. Ann D. Rensel, Dr. Zongqing Zhou, Dr. Suzanne C. Wagner and Dr. Petter Lovaas. They took time out from their busy schedule to share their experiences with us. A thousand words merged into one sentence: you are appreciated! - Wen Li, Entao Luo, Min Du & Lishao Huang (Hunan University of Science and Engineering)

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Our international executive development programs are all customized for each group's unique needs:

Participants will be able to:

  • Develop organizational goals and objectives
  • Confidently apply topics learned to their own organization
  • Learn from industry best practices
  • Demonstrate the ability to interact with, learn from and train/teach individuals/groups from a diverse background

Select list of some of our training clients

  • Thailand Ministry of Education, Thailand
  • Hanoi Young Business Association- HYBA, Vietnam
  • Ministry of Home Affairs- MOHA
  • Jianghan University -China
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam (MONRE), Vietnam
  • Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam
  • English Language and Teacher Education Program for Vietnamese Core English Teachers Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Alba Hotels & Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs Resort Revenue optimization, Sales Audit, Sales Generation, and Upselling Training conducted in Hue, Vietnam

I'm writing this email to thank you for your kind hospitality toward the Thai MOE delegation during our visit to Niagara University early this month. The meeting and discussion on possible collaboration were very informative and valuable. The delegates were highly impressed with the projects you have with Thai education institutions. On behalf of all the delegation, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for sharing your valuable time and knowledge to the OBEC delegates. I hope there would be collaboration between Niagara University and OBEC ... Please forward our gratitude to .... and all of the speakers especially, Dr. Frank Calzi who had given an impressive ideas and knowledge on leadership. Nuttapon Watanajarukij