Family Literacy Center

Niagara University’s College of Education’s Family Literacy Center provides a valuable community resource for diagnosing and remediating reading difficulties, while also facilitating literacy development. Families will benefit from state-of-the-art facilities and technology, the most current research based practices, and evidence based interventions. Services are provided by graduate students in the Advanced Literacy Program, under the direct supervision of university faculty, who are experts in the field of literacy instruction. All programs align with the New York State Common Core Standards and the International Reading Association (IRA) Standards.

Family Literacy Events

Our family literacy events bring together parents and their children to celebrate literacy. Games and activities are designed to encourage literacy development, and can be easily incorporated into family routines. Each event is tailored to its specific audience, no two events are alike!


(for students in grades 3-8)

In a small group setting, children partake in activities centered on popular children’s novels. This program is perfect for avid readers! Through open discussions about books, exchanging points of view, and interacting together to complete hands-on activities graduate students work with the children to generate a life long love for reading.

(for students in grades 3-8)

In a one-to-one setting, children receive two evaluation sessions, followed by six instructional sessions that focus on individual student strengths to address areas need. At the conclusion of the program, each family receives results from the initial evaluation, along with recommendations for future family/home instructional support.

(for students in grades K-2)

In a one-to-one setting, children receive an evaluation of literacy skills, followed by five instructional sessions that focus on individual student strengths to address areas of need. The program culminates with a family celebration where all participants engage in games and activities that can be incorporated into daily routines at home.

Professional development events are offered to teachers and educational professionals in our community to foster professional growth in literacy instruction. Workshops include instructional activities and resources that can be incorporated in the classroom.


(for students in grades 3-8)

In small groups, children experience and complete activities centered around creative writing. Children are invited to  engage in an interactive learning setting, where they are provided with the opportunity to dream, explore, and create their own written masterpiece.

Meet The Director


Dr. Kathleen McGrath received a BA in English and Elementary Education from Niagara University and an MA in Literacy from SUNY at Buffalo. She completed her doctoral studies at SUNY at Buffalo and received a PhD in Literacy Education. She taught both the primary and elementary grades in the Sweet Home School District from 1993-2006. She also has worked in the clinical setting at the Center for Literacy and Reading Instruction, SUNY Buffalo and was responsible for the supervision of graduate level students during their clinical practicum. 

Dr. McGrath’s research has focused on family literacy, struggling readers, and teacher training in diagnostic assessment and clinical instruction.


Dr. Kathleen McGrath