Early Childhood Initiatives

Niagara University’s College of Education prides itself on community partnerships. Since September of 2010, the College has worked on the Niagara County Early Child Care Quality Improvement Project, which enhances the lives of children in child care centers in Niagara County. The current program, Niagara Quality Improvement Project, is a collaborative partnership between the United Way of Greater Niagara, The Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation, Grigg-Lewis Foundation and Niagara University.

Complementary to the Niagara Quality Improvement Project, Niagara University’s College of Education is currently serving in a leadership capacity to facilitate interaction with local stakeholders from Niagara and Erie Counties to bring the highly successful national Help Me Grow (HMG) initiative to fruition. HMG is an efficient and effective system, with a proven track record, that assists states in identifying at-risk children, and helps families find community-based programs and services