Under the guidance of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion sector, the Inclusive Excellence Coordinating Council (IECC) will drive Niagara University’s diversity, equity and inclusive strategic planning using the Inclusive Excellence Framework. This will include promoting, developing, implementing, and assessing the plan, developing a shared vision for efforts, and establishing and monitoring measurable goals and objectives. The IECC will promote efforts to link strategic planning, assessment, and resource allocations. The Council will analyze data for which evidence-based decisions regarding diversity, equity and inclusion efforts will be made, and that will lead not only toward greater diversity but toward a more equitable and inclusive environment by embedding principles of diversity, equity and inclusion in the campus and broader community. This process is called Inclusive Excellence. Using established campus-wide accountability measures, the IECC will report annually on goal progress and achievement.

Niagara University will use the Inclusive Excellence Framework to drive diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. This framework is composed of five dimensions.

  • Access & Success
  • Climate & Intergroup Relations
  • Education & Scholarship
  • Infrastructure & Investment
  • Community & Partnership

Each dimension will have a subcommittee that will conduct a self-study of the assigned dimension. Each subcommittee will receive facilitation guidance, including suggestions for appropriate data and reflection questions to support the work. In addition, each subcommittee will review and incorporate relevant work and recommendations from the task force report on Identifying and Dismantling Racial Injustice. In examining the data, each subcommittee will identify areas of challenge or “hot spots” and recommend strategies for improvement. The ODEI will schedule opportunities for each subcommittee to meet with the Niagara University campus community to gather their input and perspectives on the identified areas of challenge.


Averl Harbin - Student Affairs – Co-chair
Bridget Niland – Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management – Co-chair

  • Lisa Arnet- Human Resources
  • Maritza Branker- COAS, Mathematics
  • Thomas Burns- Executive Vice President’s Office
  • Youngsoo Choi - College of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management
  • Jeremy Colby- General University Counsel
  • Virginia Glazier – COAS, Biology
  • Kelly Engert – Academic Success Center, Accessibility Services
  • Michael Freedman - Enrollment Management
  • Karl Hinterberger – Student Affairs, Veteran’s Services
  • Michael Jeswald – Finance, Conferences and Events
  • Annette Johnson - CON
  • Eileen Klein – COAS, History
  • Karen Kwandrans - Levesque Institute for Civic Engagement
  • Virginia Pasceri –Academic Success Center
  • Ru Ramjee - ONT, Education
  • David Reilly – COAS, Political Science
  • Gregory Semeniuk - University Mission and Ministry
  • Joseph Sirianni – COAS, Communication Studies
  • Rachael Rossi - Library
  • Christopher Sheffield - Student Affairs
  • Elizabeth Smith – COAS, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics, Biology
  • Vennessa Walker - University Planning and Assessment
  • David V. Whalen- Disability Awareness Training

Virginia Pasceri – Student Affairs, Academic Success Center – Co-chair
Maureen Stevens - COAS, Theatre – Co-chair

  • Bernadette Brennen – Academic Exploration
  • Kelly Engert – Academic Success Center
  • Shannon Hodges – Professional Studies, Education
  • Eileen Klein- Academic Assistant, History- COAS
  • Katie Kocsis - Financial Aid
  • Theodore Lee - International Relations
  • Susan Mason – COAS, Psychology
  • James Schleer- Human Resources
  • Diane Stoelting – Student Affairs, Academic Success Center

Gregory Semeniuk - University Mission and Ministry - Co-chair
Maritza Branker - COAS, Mathematics - Co-chair
Lisa Arnet - Human Resources - Co-chair

  • Simon Gray - Athletics Office
  • Joel Louwsma – COAS, Mathematics
  • Ajitpaul Mangat – COAS, English
  • Hope Russell – COAS, Women’s Studies Program
  • John Sauter Jr. – COAS
  • Todd Schoepflin – COAS, Sociology
  • Lisa Williams – COB, Management

Youngsoo Choi - College of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management – Co-chair
Rachael Rossi - Library - Co-chair

• Zuhra Abawi- COE
• Shannon Dowd – COAS, Modern and Classical Languages
• Robin Erwin- COE
• Brandi Guerinot- Assistant Dean, Hospitality, Sports and Tourism Management
• Abigail Levin – COAS, Philosophy
• Douglas Tewksbury – COAS, Communication Studies
• Christine Verni- CON

Thomas Burns – Executive Vice President’s Office – Co-chair
Jeremy Colby – University General Counsel– Co-chair

• Michael Freedman - Enrollment Management
• Rawda Hamadneh – Student, Graduate
• Christina Hoven- Finance, Controller’s Office
• Lisa McMahon – Executive Vice President’s Office
• Bridget Moriarty – COAS, Theatre
• Arianna Musialowski - NUSGA
• Cheryl Rode – College of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management
• David Schoen - Library
• Christopher Sheffield - Student Affairs
• Vennessa Walker - University Planning and Assessment
• David V. Whalen- Disability Awareness Training

Karen Kwandrans - Institute for Civic Engagement - Chair

  • Chandra Foote - COE
  • Rhonda Bivins-Talley - Institute for Civic Engagement
  • Amelia Gallagher – COAS, Religious Studies
  • Mark Gallo- COAS, Biology
  • Edward Millar- Castellani Museum
  • Stephanie Morris – Student Affairs, Career Services
  • Sevsem Okay – COAS, Sociology
  • Jillian Onesi- Executive Vice President’s Office
  • Jill Shuey - Sponsored Programs and Foundation Relations