Impacting Supply Chain - One Farmer at a Time

by Camila Alvarado on November 23, 2020
Impacting Supply Chain - One Farmer at a Time

A source of inspiration comes from Richard Obot, graduate of the 2020 MBA Supply Chain Management program. He chose Niagara University because he felt appreciated due to the dedication and mentorship of his teachers. Within his current role, he still reflects on the skills he learned from course lectures, student events and networking opportunities. While pursuing his degree Richard also learned about the Vincentian Mission, which influences his communication with his customers and partners to this day. 

After graduating from NU, he started his own company, Sapaya Products LLC. The company is a contracting entity that deals primarily with environmentally friendly, organic farmers. His priority is on "mutual benefit" between his company and his customers.

His responsibilities include:

  • Obtaining licenses for exportation and importation.
  • Following international laws established by each country.
  • Assuring quality of the products and service.
  • Building connections between products, suppliers and buyers for future contracts.

Richard's inspiration began when working for Lackawanna Products Supply for almost 9 years. In that role, he learned about different managing and financial strategies for formulating international contracts. Richard emphasized that although it wasn't easy, it was something he always wanted to do. As a alum he believes, we, the future entrepreneurs, should focus on having goals and achieving them with no fear. Richard's major incentive for working hard is competition because he is constantly facing new challenges to develop and be better. As future business leaders, he encourages NU students to adopt a similar mentality and believe in our potential: that we can and will do it!

When I asked him about the strengths and weaknesses of his business, he said: "Whether a hardship or an accomplishment, I always keep pushing for better. I have learned there's always space for improvement."

Richard strongly believes he belongs to a global community because he is connected to people throughout the world. As a result, he has volunteered at local farms in third world countries to offer financial advice on land securing and how to increase revenue and product popularity. His purpose is to encourage local farmers to grow their market and bring awareness to their products, which initiates connections for future partnerships. Richard has carried the Vincentian mission with him into starting his business. He is using these values to make the world a better place!