How To Report

If you are a VICTIM of sexual assault, stalking, domestic or dating violence, please see the chart below to understand your reporting options, which include confidential resources, both on and off campus.

If you are a COMPLAINANT wishing to report an incident of discrimination or sexual harassment that you experienced, please contact the Title IX Coordinator directly, or contact a Deputy Title IX Coordinator.

If you are an NU EMPLOYEE, please know that ALL employees are expected to immediately report ANY incident of alleged discrimination (racial, sex, age, sexual orientation, disability, religion, national origin, etc.), including sexual assaults, stalking and intimate partner violence. It is recommended that employees report directly to the Title IX Coordinator, but may also report to their supervisor or a Deputy Title IX Coordinator. 

For contact information for the services below, go to the Victim Assistance link at the left.

For Victims:

This is the sexual assault reporting chart. Please contact us with questions.

For Faculty/Employees:

OEI report chart 2