How I Started My Journey at Niagara

How I Started My Journey at Niagara

by Amanda Ruthman on December 5, 2014

As the semester rolls on, I often find myself telling colleagues and friends how started my journey at Niagara. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary! Cruising home one afternoon, I heard a radio ad for Niagara's Graduate Open House. I thought it could be a good idea, and it wouldn't hurt, right? It ended up being one of the most important choices I ever made!

For those who are either finishing up their undergraduate career, or looking for higher education and are thinking, "What's next?" I would recommend checking out a Niagara Graduate Open House and/or information session. I'll outline a few reasons how my experience assisted me:

  1. Being on campus - The first time I walked on to Monteagle Ridge, I was absolutely amazed at how beautiful the campus was. I made my way through the day thinking I can see myself here. Feeling safe on "The Ridge" came naturally. This feeling helped in making my graduate school decision.
  2. Meeting the faculty and staff - I was able to meet with faculty and staff from all departments of Niagara University - my own program, financial aid, student activities, and more. It opened my eyes to everything that was waiting for me at Niagara. Everyone had a friendly smile, firm handshake and great information for me.
  3. Getting answers - I was one-on-one with the founder of my program, asking basics from, "What's the course-load?" all the way to, "How will this program help my future?" The small session between myself and Prof. (Michael) Gentile gave me the answers I needed. I was able to establish a great relationship with him before I even became a student, a process in which he guided me through the whole way.

The list of reasons continue, but these main points were standouts to bring me where I am today. Attending a Graduate Open House at Niagara gave me the answers I needed while experiencing the beautiful campus firsthand. I would recommend the experience to anyone - take advantage of all that Niagara has to offer at one of their Graduate Open Houses or information sessions.

The next Graduate Information Session will be held Tuesday, Jan. 13, from 5-7 p.m. in the Gacioch Family Alumni & Admissions Center. While enjoying hot chocolate and cookies by a toasty fire, you will have the opportunity to meet with our graduate faculty and current students, tour our beautiful campus, and receive detailed information on any of our 28 exceptional academic graduate programs! After the information session, we invite you to join us at the NU’s men’s basketball game vs. Penn. The game starts at 7 p.m. and tickets will be provided at no charge for attendees and one guest of the information session. Niagara University has an established tradition of excellence and is ready to welcome you to our caring and vibrant campus. 

To register, visit: 

Hopefully, I'll see you on campus soon!