How I Earned a Job Offer Before Graduation

by Brandon Margeson on March 1, 2021
How I Earned a Job Offer Before Graduation

Brandon Margeson is a student in the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Accounting.

My name is Brandon Margeson. I am completing my MBA in Accounting from Niagara University and I am working as a Graduate Assistant in the Graduate Business office for the College of Business Administration. I will be graduating in May of 2021. If you told me my freshman year that I would grow to become a spokesperson for the MBA program and Career Services at NU and graduate with a full time job offer, I might have laughed in your face. However, with all the wonderful experiences and opportunities I have experienced at NU I decided to share my journey and hopefully inspire some freshman to follow a similar path.

From the moment I toured campus as a high school senior I fell in love with NU. Throughout my education I fully experienced and embraced the Niagara community. The professors are so welcoming and are always available for any help you need. Being in smaller class sizes really created a unique experience too. More than the experience though, being part of NU has provided me with lifelong friendships and connections. I knew without a doubt that I would be completing my graduate degree at NU. The application process was super simple and there are advisors available from the moment you start. The program is fantastic too and it has been a seamless transition from undergrad to grad school. An amazing perk of NU is that they offer an accelerated one year graduate program. This allows me to complete my master’s degree in only one year!

One underappreciated benefit that NU provides is an emphasis on your career while pursuing your degree. Through my student employment position during undergrad and graduate assistantship position, I was able to receive scholarships to help pay for my tuition and get valuable job experience. Career Services provided me with assistance creating cover letters and my resume, as well as really valuable interview practice. My first round of interviews for accounting internships during my junior year I was a sweaty and nervous mess. I am amazed the firms even wanted to talk to me again after that. Through continued practice, I was much more confident and a lot less nervous when it came time to do my interviews in my senior year. Confidence is key for interviews and Career Services helped me with that. In the job search, it is also crucial as to how you present yourself outside the classroom, specifically on social media such as LinkedIn, which Career Services helped me with as well. Thanks to all this practice and guidance I was able to apply for and secure a summer internship in 2020 with Freed Maxick, an accounting firm in the Liberty building in downtown Buffalo. This internship turned into a full time job with the firm starting Fall of 2021. I will be starting as a Staff Accountant in the Audit department and am currently working on completing the CPA exam.

Another opportunity that attending graduate school at Niagara has provided me is becoming a spokesperson for the MBA program and Career Services. This opportunity allows me to share my experiences with freshman during their NU Beginnings course in hopes that they too will choose to pursue an NU graduate program.

After my four years at NU, and now that I am in my MBA, I can truly say that the community and opportunities NU has provided me has supported and encouraged my success. I am very excited for what the future holds for me at Freed Maxick and in the world of public accounting. Coming to Niagara has been one of the greatest decisions of my professional and educational career, and I would greatly urge anyone to consider Niagara University for their undergraduate or graduate studies.

That is my NU story! I hope I have encouraged you to start yours!

For more information on the MBA program, please contact the College of Business Office at or 716.286.8596.