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How Does NUOP Assist You?

The Niagara University Opportunity Program provides support services which are designed to enhance academic achievement and success. The services include:

Summer Program

It is a five-week, mandatory program designed to integrate the various aspects of college life and to promote personal growth and educational achievement for entering freshmen.

  • Basic skills instruction in reading, writing and study skills is initiated.
  • Most students live in the university residence halls and are supervised by a resident advisor. Through this and various other experiences provided by the counseling staff, students are oriented to various academic and personal/social demands encountered in college life;
  • Students' self-understanding and personal functioning is improved through seminars on assertiveness and relaxation training, value clarification, career exploration and self-awareness, etc.;
  • Relief from the intense academic schedule is provided by activities such as picnics, bowling, visits to community attractions, etc.

Learning Assistance

Academic skill development is continued during the academic year. Basic skills courses in reading, writing and mathematics are offered to assist students in overcoming specific academic weaknesses. Small classes are assigned to meet students' individual needs.


Realizing that many students entering college encounter unique problems, counseling services are provided by professional counselors. Academic, financial aid, career and personal counseling are integrated within the counseling component. Throughout the students' undergraduate years, the counselor works with the students to support their success.


The tutoring component is an integral part of our program. It is designed to assist students with their academic subjects. Qualified tutors work with students on a one-on-one basis or with small groups, depending on the student's needs.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is a strong aspect of the Niagara University Opportunity Program since financing a college education can be a major obstacle for students. The amount of aid a NUOP student receives varies according to the individual's needs. Every effort is made to meet the financial needs of each student to make attendance at Niagara University realistic.