Alumni Advantage

October 11, 2013
8:00am — 2:00pm
St. Vincent's Hall

You are once again cordially invited to attend our Alumni Advantage Program on Oct. 11th, 2013 (with the welcome wine reception taking place on Oct. 10th.)  No event demonstrates the dedication of you - our valued alumni - to the success of the students more than the annual Alumni Advantage event. This event is unique in that it allows students to learn from your experiences and advice.

Career Day is an important component of the college’s focus on experiential learning. The day is composed of several breakout sessions that allow you to participate in panel discussions, during which you are invited to share work experiences and knowledge of the industry. Students will also be given an opportunity to ask questions. By exposing the students to distinguished alumni like you, they become more educated on life outside of the university and better equipped to enter the workforce.

The goal of this program is to help students gain valuable knowledge of the industry by having the opportunity to interact with industry leaders. Additionally, this program helps current students find jobs and internships through the networking opportunities provided. This, in turn, adds high quality professionals to the hospitality and tourism industries.

Schedule at a glance

  • Thursday, Oct. 10th, 5-6:30pm: Welcome Wine Tasting
  • Friday, Oct. 11th 8am-2pm: Workshops, panel discussions and networking opportunities in which YOU do the presenting.

Remember, no preparation is required on your part in order to participate. We will create an atmosphere in which you can share your experiences and advice with students in order to help prepare the next generation of hospitality executives!

All events, including wine reception, and breakfast and lunch on Friday, are complimentary.  Our talented students will prepare and serve all food and beverage!

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