Kristina Bradshaw

Assistant to the Dean

Office Location:
St. Vincent's Hall, Room 422

Born in Syracuse, N.Y., Kristina grew up in Galena, Ohio, and worked her first job at age 13 at the Columbus Zoo. She attended North Hunterdon High School in Annandale, NJ, and was first runner-up at the Hunterdon County pageant. In 1989, she graduated with Honors (Phi Beta Lambda) from Keystone College in La Plume, Pa., and received her associate degree. In 1991, she was conferred a bachelor's degree from Niagara University's tourism management program.  

The following is a list of her other experiences:       

  1. 1991-2002: Liberty Travel, Sales agent. Won top sales agent for all of Buffalo, Rochester & Syracuse for three years in a row.
  2. 2002-2003: Raptim International, Group Sales agent.
  3. Currently involved in:
  • Tech Prep Committee coalition of high schools offering college credit
  • Business Teachers Association attending meetings for local business teachers
  • CARE Committee Orientation for college freshmen academic registration experience
  • Advise all students curriculum for Freshmen and Transfer students
  • Teach Freshmen NUS symposium for up to 100 new students
  • Teach Cruise course
  • Reserve rooms for 4th floor for meeting and guest speakers year round
  • Arrange accepted student night reception for all new students
  • Visit high schools and community colleges for recruitment and mentorship
  • Arrange senior check for all students preparing for graduation
  • Maintain alumni database for all alums
  • Increased student growth in 1999 from 150 students to over 425 currently 
  • Moderator for NU ski club


Kristina currently works with all the students throughout the college to obtain student growth assisting with alumni weekend, HTA events and student dinners. She enjoys helping the students in any way she can to seek jobs and meet with alumni and recruiters. Her goal is to help every student that graduates find the company that they want to work for.