Program Information

The department of history offers survey, theme, regional, and specialized courses designed to reveal patterns of change and continuity in human thought, values, and institutions. Studying the past helps students to understand the present and anticipate the future, as well as to better appreciate our multicultural society and its place in the world.

Through a curriculum that offers courses in U.S., European, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Latin American and African history, students will analyze written, oral, visual and material evidence, cultivating skills in perceptive reading, clear writing, sound research, communication and critical thinking – skills that are extremely valuable for careers in both the private and public sectors.

Students may take a wide variety or a concentrated group of courses in various geographical areas. Because the curriculum is flexible, students can also choose courses in computer science, languages, environmental studies, business administration, and other professional areas to complement their degree program in history. Some students pursue minors and dual majors as well.

Degree Programs

The department of history offers four degree programs:

  • B.A. in history (curriculum)
  • B.A. in social studies - secondary
  • B.A. in social studies - elementary
  • B.A. in social studies - inclusion elementary and special education