The history department proudly offers a variety of minors, which allow students from all academic backgrounds to expand their intellectual horizons as well as career prospects.

History Minor

The minor in history is awarded to a student, who successfully completes a sequence of five courses in history (HIS 199 counts as one of the five courses). The sequence must include at least one upper-level course in each of the following areas: European history, American history, and non-Western…

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Africana/Black Studies

The Africana/Black studies minor focuses on the diaspora of African-descended people and cultures. The sequencing of courses includes areas of study on the History of Africa, The African-American (USA and Canada) experience, both historically and in contemporary times, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Hispanic,…

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Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies

This minor will open doors to a number of different career prospects. The government, military, and industry need employees who have familiarity with the Middle East and the larger Islamic world and knowledge of the languages of the region.

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Public History

The public history program provides exposure to a number of sub-fields taught by public history, museum, communications, public relations, and business professionals at Niagara University.

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Women's Studies

Women's studies creates an interdisciplinary framework for analyzing the historical, economic, political, social and cultural experiences of women. Women's studies courses strengthen critical inquiry as students learn to think and read through the lens of women's experiences and lives.

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