Hire an Intern


There are many benefits to hiring student interns. Some of the biggest benefits include:                        

  • Quick access to qualified potential workers before they graduate.
  • Students are highly motivated, bright and eager to see the practical side of what they have learned in class.
  • Student schedules are usually flexible.
  • Students join the work force at relatively low cost.
  • If hired after graduation, students are already trained.
  • Students free up other employees to pursue additional tasks.


  • Contact the Internship Office. Located in the Office of Career Services, the Internship Office is the first point of contact for matters involving student employment. The Internship Office administers the program, collects resumes, schedules interviews and ensures regulatory compliance.
  • You may also contact the academic department that offers the majors corresponding to your needs to identify students with specific skills.
  • Submit a job description for approval. The job description must include the approximate number of hours per week; the duration of the agreement; to whom the student will report; the specific tasks to be performed; the skills a student needs before starting the job; what new skills they will acquire; and their wages, if applicable. Internship positions must be career-oriented, hands-on, professional development positions. They can be either part- time or full-time, during the school year or over the summer. They must allow for the student to accumulate a minimum of 150 contact hours. Routine clerical tasks, jobs with little or no responsibility, or jobs without a training or professional development component will not be approved for internship positions. If interested, submit a job description for approval.
  • Select the candidate. Once approved for internship credit, the Internship Office will forward resumes of interested students and assist in scheduling interviews. It is the student’s responsibility to register for the internship course, show up on time and do a good job. Halfway through the semester, the Internship Office will forward an evaluation to the student’s supervisor.
  • Complete the performance evaluation. Students receive academic credit for their internship experience and evaluation is required.  

Responsibilities and Terms of Employment

The employer, as a partner in the internship program, assumes responsibility for the fair and ethical treatment of the students it hires.  

In order to sponsor a student  intern from Niagara University, each employer must agree to the conditions below:

  • Select students and assign jobs without regard to age, race, sex, national origin, religion, handicap, color, or marital status
  • Designate an individual to supervise the student and to serve as liaison to the university
  • Provide the student an assignment for at least 150 hours
  • Pay a salary where applicable, which is consistent with the employer’s practices and policies
  • Provide training experience and supervision for the student in order to complete the duties as outlined in the job description
  • Cover the student in its worker’s compensation policy, where appropriate
  • Notify the college immediately of any possible changes in the student’s job duties, supervisor, and/or disciplinary actions
  • Evaluate the student during the semester on a form to be provided by the university and forward it to the Internship Office **
  • Comply with the university‘s sexual harassment policy as outlined below
  • Not require/request the student to use their personal auto to transport “clients” or perform business-related services on behalf of the employer without compensating the student for mileage, and including the student’s personal vehicle in the company’s insurance coverage ***
  • Not require the student or the university to sign a Non-Indemnity/Hold Harmless Agreement as a condition of employment without the opportunity to consult with the university’s risk manager and legal counsel

** The Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires that any assessment of student performance be made available to students. Employers are reminded that since students receive academic credit for an internship experience then they have a right to see the evaluation completed by their work supervisor.

*** Positions requiring the use of the student’s privately-owned vehicle are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and must be approved by the university prior to the start of work.

If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie  Morris at 716.286.8539.