Higher Education & Student Affairs Careers

Involvement on Campus is the First Step...

Without realizing it, many college students develop skills related to careers in higher education and student affairs. Student involvement in academic and social activities on campus as well as experiences as club leaders, RAs, campus government representatives, orientation leaders, research assistants, or work-study students all foster skills relevant to higher education and student affairs. Please use this page to explore the possibilities of a career in higher education or student affairs and contact any of the alumni or staff listed below if you have questions.

Careers in Higher Education

Academic Support
Alumni Affairs
Career Development
Diversity Services

First Year Programs
Greek Affairs
Grant Writing
Health & Wellness
International Students
Judicial Affairs
Multicultural Affairs
Opportunity Programs
Planning & Educational Research

Residence Life/Housing
Student Activities
Student Affairs
Student Services
Study Abroad
Student Involvement

Some of these
positions require
specialized degrees

Graduate Programs/Guides

Both ACPA and NASPA provide valuable information about student affairs careers including articles about the field, graduate school preparation and graduate program overviews. The CAS Standards provide a set of guidelines and standards for the programs. As you explore the possibilities, be sure to get involved with some activities on campus, check in with Career Development for help with the application process and talk to people on campus who work in fields that interest you.

NU Alumni/Staff

The following Niagara University alumni and staff have volunteered to speak with students about careers in higher education and student affairs. Any additional NU alumni or staff who wish to be added to the list or  update their contact information/positions should email jps@niagara.edu.

Buffalo State College (Master's)

  •   David Blackburn  -  deb@niagara.edu  - NU Staff
           Director, Multicultural Affairs
  •   Amanda (Chapman) Casali -  alcasali@buffalo.edu  - NU Alumna
           Admissions Advisor, University at Buffalo
  •   Stephanie  Currie -  sbc@niagara.edu  - NU Staff
           Director, Academic Exploration Program, Niagara University
  •   Antonia Knight -  abk@niagara.edu  - NU Staff
           Executive Director,  Division of Academic Services, Niagara University
  •   Stephanie Morris -  smorris@niagara.edu  - NU Staff
           Assistant Director, Career Services. Education, Niagara University
  •   Mati Ortiz -  mortiz@niagara.edu  - NU Staff
           Director, Campus Activities, Niagara University
  •   Piraino, Sarah - sw28@buffalo.edu - NU Alumna
          Academic Advisor, Access to College Excellence, University at Buffalo

Canisius College (Master's)

  •   Josh Coyne  -  coynej@my.canisius.edu  - NU Alumnus / NU Staff
           Residence Director, Niagara University
  •   Daniel LaRosa  -  dlarosa@buffalo.edu  - NU Alumnus
           Admissions Advisor, University at Buffalo
  •    E.J. Gonser  - edward.gonser@niagaracc.suny.edu  - NU Alumnu
           Director of Residence Life, NCCC
  •   Kathryn Marzec -  kam@niagara.edu  - NU Staff
           Advisor, Academic Exploration Program, Niagara University
  •   Bill Newton -  wjn@niagara.edu  - NU Staff
           Assistant Director, Campus Activities, Niagara University
  •   Nicole Piorkowski - Former NU Staff
           Assistant Director, Involvement Programs, Campus Labs

Kent State University (Master's)

  •   Ashlee Burrs  -  ashleeburrs@yahoo.com  - NU Alumna
           Program Coordinator, Office of Civic Engagement & Diversity, University of Nevada: Las Vegas

Nova Southeastern University (Ph.D.)

  •  Dr.  Kevin Hearn -  khearn@niagara.edu - NU Staff
           Vice President for Student Affairs, Niagara University

Slippery Rock University (Master's)

  •   Sarah  Georger  -  sarah.dobe@gmail.com  - NU Alumna
           Program Coordinator, Co-Curricular Activity, Honors Program, University of Delaware

Springfield College (Master's) -  M.Ed. in Psychology: Student Personnel Admin Concentration

  •   Kristy Cragg  -  klcrla@rit.edu  - NU Alumna
          Community Enrichment Coordinator, Rochester Institute of Tech  

Syracuse University (Master's & Ph.D)

University at Buffalo (Master's & Ph.D.)

  •   Dr. Jennifer Herman  -  jennifer.herman@simmons.edu  (Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration) - Former NU Staff
           Director of  the Center for Excellence in Teaching, Simmons College
  •   Dr. Teresa Miklitsch -  tam24@buffalo.edu  (Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration) - NU Alum
           Senior Academic Advisor, Engineering/Applied Sciences,  University at Buffalo
  •   Dr. John Sauter  -  jps@niagara.edu  (Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration) - NU Staff
           Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Niagara University
           Also M.Ed.  University of Vermont  (below)
  •  Christopher Sheffield - crs@niagara.edu -  (Ph.D. in Progress) - NU Alumnus/Staff
           University Planner, Niagara University
  •   Jessica (Biegaj) Wangelin  -  jbiegaj@buffalo.edu  (M.Ed.,  Ph.D. in Progress) - NU Alumna
           Community Relations Associate for Programming,  University at Buffalo
  •   Dr. Judith Willard  (Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration) -  jaw@niagara.edu  - NU Alumna/Staff
          Assistant to the President for Planning, Niagara University

University of Vermont (Master's)

  •   Dr. John Sauter  -  jps@niagara.edu  (Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration) - NU Staff
           Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Niagara University
           Also  Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration,  University at Buffalo  (above)

College of William & Mary  (Master's & Ph.D.)

Other Programs & Related Experience

  • Stephanie Atti - attis@dyc.edu - NU Alumna
           Work experience through Financial Aid
           Academic Advisor, D'Youville College
  • Stephanie Cattarin - cattaris@canisius.edu  - NU Alumna
           Interdisciplinary Studies: Higher Education Administration Focus
           Executive Director, Center for Professional Development, Canisius College
  • Dina Martin - djm@niagara.edu - NU Alumna
           Interdisciplinary Studies: Sociology/Student Affairs Focus
           Assistant Director, Admissions/Transfer Coordinator
  • Bryan Semski - bsemski@niagara.edu - NU Alumnus/Staff
          Assistant Director, Admissions
  • Michelle Semski - michelle.semski@yahoo.com - NU Alumna
           Interdisciplinary Studies: Student Affairs Focus
           Academic Advisor, Bryant & Stratton College