Health Service - Bill of Rights

Patient Responsibilities

We recognize that to be effective, the effort must be a partnership. The patient and the healthcare team work together for a common goal. As a patient you will be expected, to the best of your ability, to assume a share of the responsibility for your healthcare.

As a patient, you have the responsibility to:

  1. Bring with you information about past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications and other matters relating to your health.
  2. Cooperate in the treatment plan recommended by the SHS personnel caring for you.
  3. To ask questions to ensure understanding of your health problem and treatment.
  4. Accept personal responsibility for refusing treatment.
  5. Consult a medical provider at the SHS if your health problem does not follow the expected course.
  6. Keep appointments or to telephone the SHS when you cannot keep a scheduled appointment.
  7. Stay informed regarding SHS services, hours of operation and status of your health insurance.
  8. Be prompt in your payment of bills, to provide the information necessary for insurance processing and to be prompt about asking questions you may have concerning your bill. Prescriptions will be charged to you student accounts.
  9. Be respectful of others, of other peoples' property, and that of the SHS.
  10. Abide by university Health Center rules and regulations.