Heading Into Thanksgiving Break

by Derek Ricioppo on November 16, 2016

It is almost time for my final Thanksgiving break as a college student. I have been continuing to enjoy my last semester and the experiences I have had here at NU.

In my American Deaf Culture class, we are continuing to receive instructions for our final project, in addition to learning new and interesting material about deafness and how it relates to culture.

In my public speaking and oral interpretation classes, I recently gave two speeches. For oral interpretation, we had to recite a dramatic piece and I chose the lyrics of a song from the musical Hamilton. For public speaking, we are in the middle of giving our IDP speeches. IDP stands for informative, demonstrative or persuasive, and we had to give a 4-6-minute speech that fit one of those three styles of a speech. I just gave my speech yesterday and it was an informative speech on Shea’s Performing Arts Center, a theater in Buffalo. I thought both speeches went very well.

For my film and culture class, we are continuing to view and discuss a variety of films, including The Babadook, an Australia horror film that was released in 2014 that I highly recommend. We recently received grades for our film journals, the first half of a series of journal entries we write on the films we have viewed and how they relate to the themes we have talked about in the class. I was very pleased when I saw that I received a grade of 20 points out of a possible 20 for the first half of my journal entries. As the semester continues, we are beginning to form groups for a final presentation for film and culture at the end of the semester.

I have also attended some events that have recently taken place on campus. Last night, I went to a performance given by Brian Miller, a comedian and magician. Tonight is Open Mic Nite and I am looking forward to seeing all the student talent.

This week marked the beginning of registration for next semester and I can honestly say that it is bittersweet seeing students register for classes next semester while I will be finishing next month. I have really been enjoying this semester and am looking forward to Thanksgiving break next week.