Graduate School Timetable

General Graduate School Application Timetable

This is a general timetable. Consult with your professors and advisor about any deviations from this schedule that may apply to your specific area. 

Junior Year, Fall and Spring

  • Research areas of interest, institutions, programs
  • Talk to advisors about application requirements
  • Register and prepare for appropriate graduate admissions tests
  • Investigate national scholarships

Junior Year, Summer

  • Take required graduate admissions tests
  • Write for application materials
  • Visit institutions of interest, if possible
  • Write your application essay
  • Check on application deadlines and rolling admissions policies

Senior Year, Fall

  • Obtain letters of recommendation
  • Take graduate admissions tests if you haven't already
  • Send in completed applications

Senior Year, Spring

  • Check with all institutions before the deadline to make sure your file is complete
  • Visit institutions that accept you
  • Send a deposit to your institution of choice
  • Notify other universities that accepted you of your decision so that they may admit students on their waiting list
  • Send thank-you notes to people who wrote you your recommendation letters, informing them of your success.

(From Peterson's Guide to Graduate and Professional Programs: An Overview, 1995)