Ontario Graduate Programs - AQ and Master's Degree

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Students enrolled in the Graduate Additional Qualification Program in Ontario can make a payment via cheque, wire transfer, or secure payment form.

Niagara University Additional Qualification (AQ and ABQ) Courses

Niagara University is firmly committed to ongoing professional learning and is pleased to provide AQ and ABQ courses for teachers to expand and enhance their skills and qualifications and to undertake professional development in core areas as well as three-part specialist qualifications for teachers who aspire to be curriculum leaders in their schools. AQ (Additional Qualification)  and ABQ (Additional Basic Qualification) courses provide teachers the opportunity to focus on curriculum design and development, leadership in design and delivery of programs and to prepare for leadership positions as coordinators for particular courses/programs. Niagara's AQs and ABQs are accredited through the Ontario College of Teachers. AQ and ABQ Tuition costs 2019/2020 School Year:

AQ: $695 per course (Canadian) with no registration fee. 

Niagara University Alumni (who have received a degree from Niagara University) will enjoy a 10% discount or $625  (Canadian) per AQ course.

ABQ: $650 per course (Canadian) with no registration fee.

Niagara University Alumni (who have received a degree from Niagara University) will enjoy a 10% discount or $585  (Canadian) per ABQ course.

PQP Classes are $695 (Canadian)

Master of Science in Education: Educational Leadership in Ontario

**Tuition for this program is charged in Canadian funds. Niagara University’s educational leadership program is NCATE accredited and a widely-recognized graduate program that prepares candidates for school and district leadership roles. Candidates will find the master’s program an excellent preparation for emerging leadership opportunities. The program’s focus on integrating theory and practical experience provides a relevant research and curricular base for career-embedded development. 

Niagara University’s master of educational administration and supervision has been offered in Ontario with ministerial consent since 1984 in collaboration with public and Catholic Greater Toronto Area school boards.

Costs for 19/20: $450 per credit hour or $1,350 per course.