About the Center


Gerontology 100 students volunteering in a community reading program at Our Lady of Peace Nursing Care Residence.

The Niagara University Gerontology Center, located on the main floor of DePaul Hall, consists of a large conference room/research laboratory and the gerontology office. The center’s mission is to develop and administer educational programs, conduct basic and applied research, and promote service activities that benefit older adults.

Educational Programs

Niagara University offers a minor in gerontology and a major leading to a bachelor of arts degree in gerontology. In addition, aging content is included in courses offered in each of the colleges, and faculty and students from a variety of majors conduct research and participate in service learning activities related to aging.

The Gerontology Advisory Council, with representation from the community and from each of the colleges, assists the center director in the development and evaluation of the academic programs.

Basic and Applied Research

The laboratory, equipped with computers and projection equipment, is available for use by independent study students, honors students and faculty conducting gerontological research. Additional resources provided through the center include print and electronic media related to aging.

Service Activities

Several of the gerontology courses provide students with the opportunity to work with older adults. Students may volunteer for a single community service event or they may commit to a semester-long experience through an internship, a practicum, or a cooperative learning placement.