(Out-of-pocket expense is only $45 per class for tuition. Books and fees are at students expense)

  • Each Niagara University GEM course is $795 per course. Your portion is ONLY $45 with proper tuition assistance (TA) approval. Air Force tuition assistance covers the cost of tuition minus the student portion. Any fees or book costs are covered by the student. Any questions, please contact your Base EA or Veterans Services at Niagara University.
  • You should contact your educational advisor (EA) immediately about processing your TA through the AI portal.
  • You are responsible for tuition fees not covered by military benefits and will be billed accordingly through Student Records and Financial Services.
  • Your transcript will not be released without paying the remaining balance of your account.

If you just stop course work, that is NOT considered an official drop and you will be responsible for the tuition.

  • If you need to drop a course your MUST contact us no later than the end of the business day the day after class begins.
  • Dropping a course may affect benefits your military benefits and questions about your benefits may be directed to Karl Hinterberger at 716.286.8323

Niagara University accepts military benefits.

  • If you have questions regarding benefit use, please contact the Office of Veterans Services.
  • Send an email to Karl Hinterberger, veterans services coordinator, or call 716.286.8323.