Helpful Links

TI-83 Virtual Calculator Download (free)

To get the calculator you need for statistics on your computer, click below or copy and paste the link into your browser:

Records, Billing and Transcripts

  • Transcript request forms can be found here
  • Transcripts request are only available through the Records Office at or call 716.286.8730
  • If you are having your transcript sent directly to CCAF please mail to: CCAF 100 South Turner Blvd. Maxwell AFB Gunter Annex, AL 36114

Continuing Education

Continuing Education is available for any registration questions.

Veterans Services

For financial aid information, contact Veterans Services first. Depending upon your situation, you may then be referred to financial aid for assistance.

Disability Services

Disability Services is available for students with documented disabilities who need any accommodations or support.

Academic Support

Academic Support is available if you need additional assistance academically to complete your courses. Online tutoring is available by appointment. On-demand resources for some classes are available through the OAS website.