Dr. Shawn Daly, dean of NU's College of Business Administration, is part of a group of university administrators participating in a trip to Vietnam in an effort to advance the globalization of Niagara's campus.

From Spectator to Spectacle

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More meetings, more dinners, more introductions! That may sound like a complaint, but it really isn't. We've been very engaged during our time in Vietnam, meeting potential students and working on collaborations with other universities.

Dr. Colley and I gave our presentations on managing by objectives and performance evaluation. It seems like it was well-received at the Ministry of Home Affairs.  

So, enough about work — it's been a lot of fun witnessing the state of human and economic development, especially vicariously through the eyes of Dr. Colley. It's her first time in Asia, while I have seen many different countries at this stage.

From the chairs of traffic to the back alleys of life to the management of work and life affairs, she sees the wonder of the place where I sometimes overlook it.

One late afternoon, as the two of us wandered around the neighborhoods where real Vietnamese people live, we became a bit of a sideshow. All people, especially young girls, would go out of their way to say hello and talk in whatever English they possessed (two or three almost crashed their bikes/motorbikes watching us instead of the traffic). It has been a wonderful opportunity to be ambassadors for Niagara University and the USA.

After a few more meetings today, time to return to Niagara Falls...