Campus Operations

  • Distancing protocols in facilities across campus will be implemented to ensure 6-foot distancing with signage, video board information, decals, floor taping, and use of AReveryware technology, which provides real-time information about building safety and distancing.
  • Dining always matters in the Russell Salvatore Dining Commons, the Gallagher Center, and through catering. Innovative opportunities to ensure safety protocols for dining venues, grab-and-go options, distancing protocols (6-foot taping and floor decals for entering and exiting), and cleaning procedures will ensure that we support our campus community with ample food and meals. Additional stations will be added to high usage venues, e.g., Tim Hortons.
  • New protocols for spaces that bring internal and external audiences to special and/or athletics events will be implemented. Restructured facilities and protocols for common-use areas (indoor and outdoor, recreation, training, gatherings) will be implemented to ensure the health and safety of all those participating in and using facilities of the university, with phased-in occupancy at each venue.
  • Cutting-edge technology will be deployed to support real-time communication. Effective campus navigation and digital information will be augmented through AReveryware, a mobile app that utilizes augmented reality technology to disseminate distancing protocols and occupancy status (e.g., upon entry/exit, occupancy in dining commons, stairwells, hallways, and elevator occupancy). Through this technology, videos will provide real-time updates on occupancy levels in buildings and common areas, and direct the movement of people into, out of, and through each building.
  • Our library leadership and staff will ensure access and extended support from the university library for research and teaching and the use of digital collections, while prioritizing the health of library patrons and employees.
  • Construction, renovation, maintenance, and campus operations will implement expanded protocols for safety and public health.